What Are Credible Sources and How Do You Find Them?

What Are Credible Sources and How Do You Find Them? How to Locate Trustworthy Peer Reviewed Sources for Your Research
Writing a research paper can be challenging, especially when it comes to gathering information to utilize in it. It is important to remember that when writing this type of academic paper, you must use sources that give correct and dependable material. This is one of the key reasons why many students are perplexed by the question “what are reputable research sources?” Credible sources, above all, provide accurate information. The majority of these sources are usually the result of extensive empirical research. As a result, when writing a research paper, you should avoid using grey literature. Grey literature refers to information sources that aren’t created with the intention of being published. As a result, they could contain information that is neither legitimate nor correct. Notably, such materials are untrustworthy research sources.
What are your research’s non-credible sources?
Let’s start by evaluating the materials that can be regarded untrustworthy. The majority of these sources that you should not use in your research are usually found online. As a result, using the first item that comes up after searching for a certain term that is relevant to your issue is such a terrible mistake. In particular, you should refrain from conducting research via blogs and social media posts. Such sources are usually prejudiced or erroneous, which is why they should not be used in an academic paper. Similarly, if you truly grasp how to obtain reliable sources for your research, you must avoid using outdated materials. Use materials that are no more than ten years old as a rule of thumb. The premise is that current information is more accurate and reliable than outdated information.
What are some good places to look for reliable sources for your research?
There are a variety of places where you may find reliable information. One of these options is to go online. Make sure to look through academic journals like JSTOL and others. Similarly, Google Scholar can assist you in locating and obtaining web sources that are both relevant and reputable to your topic. Visiting local library is one of the best ways to obtain reliable sources for your research. In the library, you’ll find many reputable sources, including unpublished dissertations and theses, that you can use in your research. For more information on how to obtain reputable sources for a research paper, please contact us immediately.