How useful are personality profiles?

How useful are personality profiles?

If you haven’t taken an abnormal psychology course, you may not be familiar with Carl Jung and his work. This week we will read about his theory of archetypes and the collective unconscious. If you’d like a bit of a primer, peruse this page .

In this discussion post, I’d like you to think about Jungian archetypes and about the Meyer-Briggs test (which is based on Jung’s theory). The Meyer-Briggs test*, it turns out, it is totally useless . However, personality “types” intrigue us. Like a good horoscope, it can create feelings of certainty, soothe anxiety about the future, and create greater understanding of self and others.

In this post, first state which Jungian archetype you most closely associate with or you can talk about your Meyer-Brigg indicator (I’m an INTJ, lol). Either way describe your archetype or indicator type. Second, discuss whether you think these personality types are useful/beneficial or useless/harmful. Please explain/defend your position.

Please respond to at least one other student’s post in a respectful manner.

*By the way, not all personality models are empirically corrupt. The HEXACO model (based on the big five) is a valid measure that can predict behavior and is used by several companies in their job selection process.

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Jungian archetypes


Meyer-Briggs test

it is totally useless

The HEXACO model