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“The study, design, development, implementation, support, or management of computer-based information systems,” according to the Information Technology Association of America (ITAA), “is concerned with improvements in a variety of human and organizational problem-solving endeavors through the design, development, and use of technically based systems.” Computer programming falls under the broad category of programming building, which encompasses algorithm planning, programming structuring, front-end interface development, and quality control, among other activities. Our specialists take into consideration understudies who require assistance in programming languages, ranging from abnormal state programming dialects with numerous features to low level programming for drivers and components, contingent on the nature of the requirement. provides information technology homework assistance online.
Students of the following courses from all over the world, at the Masters/Postgraduate/Doctoral levels, are assisted by our Information Technology department, which is proudly the most important unit in our organization.

The study of computer science includes mobile computing and application development.
Computer Science and Engineering
Graphics for Information and Communications Technology Programming and game creation are two of my favorite things to do.
Certifications for Software Engineering Professionals (SEP)
Distance learning programs that are networked
IT encompasses a wide range of topics such as processes, computer software, computer hardware, programming language, data management, networking, engineering computer hardware, database and software design, as well as management and administration of entire systems, as well as integrations with other technologies such as the use of cell phones, televisions, automobiles, and other similar devices and technologies. IT assignment writing pros have meticulously compiled a comprehensive list.

Although it is possible to discover readily available code on the internet, the marker checks to ensure that no redundant code has been included in the submitted assignment solution. This means that only a software engineer with a thorough understanding of the code will be able to produce or create something unique rather than relying on a comparable code for scholarly purposes. In addition to these aptitudes, our group is staffed with teachers and instructors who can offer inside and out suggestions for assisting our students with their academic tasks and assessments. Because they are up to date on the most recent advancements, the master group at is constantly on the lookout for fresh innovation ideas that will enable them to carry out propelled research projects in this field.

When it comes to IT Assignment Help Services and IT Writing Help, what can you expect?
Help with IT Assignments
The following is a partial list of the languages and technologies that our developers and programming assignment help experts are familiar with:

Programming languages and platforms supported include: C / C# / C++; Java; JavaScript; PHP; Python; ASP.NET; UML; Perl; VBScript; Visual Basic; XML; HTML5; C#; jQuery; COBOL; SQL; Objective C; Linux; Android (Java); Ubuntu; iOS; and Unix.

Computing talents are essentially critical thinking abilities in the context of computer programming. Thinking from the perspective of a program is analogous to instructing a computer on how to proceed and respond to a variety of circumstances and commands. In order to exceed expectations in computer programming, it is becoming increasingly important to understand the ideas hiding behind each programming language rather than focusing solely on the syntax and organizational structures. Information technology is concerned with the study, design, and development of computer-related information. Its significance in the educational sector is widely recognized, and it assists both students and teachers in learning course materials more readily as a result of quick access to information, as well as the demand for information technology services, which has expanded significantly over the years. The information technology sector has risen to become a major global source of both growth and employment.

Homework Help with Networking and Information Technology Certified professionals can provide assistance.
Our Tutor can assist you on both the technical and management sides of the equation. We guarantee that with the assistance of our professionals, you will receive excellent scores in your IT Management Assignment and Management Domain subjects such as Marketing, Economics, Statistics, and a variety of other topics.

You will find our skilled specialists to be quite helpful whether you are dealing with minor difficulties, Complex Case Studies, Report writing, or a Dissertation comprising numerous fields and concepts. Many students pursuing higher education through traditional and online universities, institutes, and online MBA programs have benefited from our homework assistance. We also provide assistance with project-related tasks.

Topics for Online Information Technology Assignment Assistance (IT) Resources
Information systems for management (MIS)
Intranet strategies are important.
System for maintaining databases
Information warehousing
Document archiving and storage
Customer relationship management (CRM) is the management of customer relationships (CRM)
System for the management of sales forces
Enterprise content management (ECM) is a term that refers to the management of information in an organization (ECM)
Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a term that refers to the process of organizing and managing resources (ERP)
Human Resource Management Systems for the Workplace in the Enterprise (HRMS)
Performance management in the workplace
Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software
Groupware and collaborative systems are two terms that are used to describe systems that allow people to work together.
The evolution of information systems
Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is a term that refers to the management of products throughout their lifecycle (PLM)
Design using a computer-aided program (CAD)
Computer-assisted manufacturing (CAM) is a term that refers to the use of computers in production (CAM)
Knowledge management is a term that is used to refer to the management of information (KMS)
Business Technology Management (BTM) is a term that refers to the management of information technology in a business (BTM)
System for assisting in decision-making (DSS)
Electronic data processing (EDP) is a type of data processing that uses electronic devices to store and retrieve information (EDP)
GIS stands for Geographic Information System.
Planning for the procurement of raw materials
Enterprise management that is strategic in nature
Management of the supply chain
Management in the virtual environment

Perdisco Assignment Help

Perdisco Assignment Help
What exactly is a MYOB assignment?
Using MYOB Assignment Help Services, students may learn accounting in a new and novel way, and they can receive assistance in determining how much they have learned and practiced. With MYOB Assignment Help, you will be able to complete your assignment in a timely and efficient manner.

Perdisco Assignment Assistance
Experts in Perdisco Assignment Help are available for hire. Online
At this time, Perdisco is being used in the vast majority of developed countries worldwide. These include countries in Asia, Australia, the United States, New Zealand, and Canada. Integrated within this e-learning asset are practice sets, course readings, E-exercise guides, and an evaluation system for each participant. It is quite difficult to deal with a Perdisco practice set if you do not have the proper understanding on bookkeeping practice sets. Homework Ace Tutors has provided master Perdisco task assistance to understudies in order to help them deal with perplexing concerns. With a team of more than 50 Perdisco Experts, we are able to provide specialized assistance in a variety of finance, accounting, statistics, and mathematical topics. Find Perdisco accounting homework help from us to get the answer to the perdisco practice set help question.

Our accounting specialists with Ph.D. degrees can assist you with MYOB PerdiscoPractice Set Help in the following areas.

Management of inventories
Debtor management is the managing of debtors.
average based on weighted data
Reconciliation of bank accounts
Sales ledger is a type of ledger that keeps track of sales.
Analyze the cash flow
Reports on time and billing
Accounts receivable reports that are past due
General ledger (sometimes spelled general ledger) is a type of ledger that keeps track of all of the transactions that take place in a company’s general ledger.
Make a note of any modifying entries.
Reliable MYOB Perdisco Assignment Help Services are provided by MYOB.
Help with MYOB Perdisco Assignment
We have a fantastic team behind us, and we can guarantee that you will receive only positive assessments. Our homework assistance professionals can provide you with information on topics such as bookkeeping, money, math, and insights, among others. Take a look at the reasons why you should put your trust in us with your perdisco set.

Availability on a 24-hour basis
Service bundles that are reasonable
Answers that are devoid of plagiarism
Specialty Areas for Perdisco Assignment Help on the Internet
Accounting \sFinance
Mathematics \sStatistics
Here is an example of Perdisco Assignment Help completed by our experts:
Manual Entries in the Perdisco Database Transactions Exemplified

Detailed explanation of the transaction for Week 1

1 Issued Cheque No. 839 in the amount of $8,700 to Blue Blazer Realty in order to pay for two months’ rent in advance.

1 The purchase of $586 worth of office products was made possible by issuing Cheque Number 840 to Office Supplies Warehouse.

3 Made a payment of $826 to Integer Energy for three months of energy up to and including the 31st of May, using the following check number:


Cheque No. 842, for the whole amount owing to Restlay, was received.

4 Sales personnel pay of $1,993 were paid for the week ending yesterday, Cheque No. 843 was issued in this regard. Take note of the figure $1,143.

The amount of this payment is related to the wages expense that was incurred during the last week of the month of May.

6 Candy Man paid the entire balance outstanding on their account.

Transaction description for the second week of the month

eight boxes of chocolate-coated coffee beans from Restlay for a total of $352 apiece, with terms of net thirty days.

9 Central Candy paid the entire balance owed on their account. Since Central Candy has been a devoted customer from the beginning,

This early repayment was rewarded with a 10 percent discount on the first day of the company’s operations.

I paid Hershel’s in full with Cheque No. 844, which was issued to me. Payment was received during the discount period.

11, Invoice No. 401, I sold 17 boxes of Pecan Fudge to Sweet Tooth for a total of $312 apiece.

11, Cheque No. 845, for the payment of $2,066 in sales employee salary for the week ending yesterday and inclusive.

Payment of the entire sum due to East Tangiers Cooperative, Cheque No. 846, was made on 13th.

Payment in full to Brennan Imports Group, Cheque No. 847, was made on December 13th.

thirteen sold nine boxes of drinking chocolate for a total of $760 apiece in cash.

Date of the transaction for the third week

15 Invoice No. 402 shows that I sold two boxes of Macadamia Toffee to Candy Man for a total of $552 each.

15 Candy Rush customers made a partial payment of $1,100 toward their account.

In 2016, I purchased ten boxes of chocolate-coated coffee beans from Brennan Imports Group for a total of $424 per box, with terms of 2/10 and no/30.

For $440 per box, the East Tangiers Cooperative provided 16 boxes of Drinking Chocolate. Terms were net thirty days (net 40).

18 Paid sales personnel pay in the amount of $1,760 for the week ending yesterday, Cheque No. 848, as of yesterday.

20 Sold 28 boxes of Scorched Almonds for a total of $448 in cash, which was the list price per box. There is a 25 percent trade discount available.

20 The company Candy Rush has placed a purchase order with us. I created a sales order to deliver 17 cartons of Macadamia nuts in the equal amount.

Toffee was sold to this buyer for $552 per piece, according to Invoice No. 404.

21 Sweet Tooth has returned six boxes of Pecan Fudge that were initially sold for $312 each box on June 11th, according to the company. These products are expensive.

They were individually worth $176 and were not faulty or damaged. A Credit Note in the amount of $1,872 was issued.

Week 5: Transaction description and due date

29 Completed a cash transaction of 37 boxes of Drinking Chocolate for a total of $760 per box sold.

29 Purchased 17 boxes of Scorched Almonds for a total of $256 in cash, at a list price of $256 per box. There is a 25 percent trade discount available.

Cheque No. 851 has been issued.

30 The 15 boxes of Chocolate Coated Coffee Beans, each costing $424 a box, were delivered on the 26th and were ordered on the 25th respectively. Terms have been agreed upon.

Spud’s Confectionery has a score of 2/10 and a n/30.

In the month of October, Mercury Square paid the entire amount owing on their account.

30 Paid a monthly pay of $4,900 to Maria Brockhouse, Cheque No. 852, in accordance with the agreement.

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Perdisco is a software program that is widely used by students pursuing degrees in accounting, finance, mathematics, and statistics. The word “Perdisco” comes from the Latin phrase “study thoroughly.” One of the primary goals of developing this software was to educate users about a variety of various laws and topics. Students have hands-on experience with online practice sets as a result of this method. It becomes quite difficult for students who are studying these courses to complete and solve all of the allotted practice sets within the time frame specified in the Perdisco assignments they have been allocated. As a result, they seek Perdisco homework help from industry professionals. Not only is Need Assignment Help the greatest online assignment help provider website, but it also provides the most up-to-date and conveniently available Perdisco assignment help and practice sets solutions.

Perdisco Assignment Assistance

Perdisco \sAccounting
Capital Budgeting is a term that refers to the allocation of funds for capital projects.
Accounting in the Business Environment
Accounting for Corporations
Entrepreneurship and Business Development
Decision Making in the Business Environment
Business Intelligence
Communication in the Workplace
Oracle Uml Network Security Uml Network Security Oracle
The Operating System for Computer Science
Cloud Computing is a type of computing that uses the internet to store data.
Computer Graphics is a term that refers to the visual representation of information on a computer screen.
Database for Information and Communications Technology (ICT)
Machine Learning is a type of artificial intelligence.
cyber security adverbial adverbial adverbial adverbial adverb adverbial adverbial adverbial adverbial adverbial adverbial adverbial adverbial adverbial adverbial adverbial adverbial adverbial adverbi
Biomedical Engineering is a branch of engineering that deals with the treatment of patients.
Engineering in the Aerospace Industry
Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Computer Science
Matlab \sEngineering
Mechanical Engineering Technical Robotics and Automation Mechanical Engineering Technical Robotics and Automation
Corporate Finance in English Corporate Finance in English
Business Finance Law Corporate Law Organizational Behavior Public Relations Management Project Management Operations Management Business Finance Law Business Finance Law
Management of Human Resources
Management of Health-Care Services
Management of a brand
Management of Risks
Management of Financial Resources
Differential Equations in the Marketing Mix
Arithmetic \sAlgebra Homework
Mathematics \sStatistics
Cpm Homework
Biology \sChemistry
Physics, Environmental Science, Sports Science, and Epidemiology are all topics covered in this course.
Nursing Case Study in the Nursing Profession
Childcare \sProgramming
Python \sPhp
Projects in Java and C++
Coding R Programming Communication Coding R Programming
Communication in the Masses
Economics and Social Science are two fields of study.
Psychology \sHistory
Writing a Research Paper for School
Composing a Research Paper
Writing a College Application Essay
Writing a Reflective Essay in College
MYOB Features and Advantages
Practice Sets for Perdisco
The primary function of the MYOB accounting software is to assist in the testing and evaluation of business processes. It also aids in the learning process and improves the pupils’ ability to learn new information and abilities. The primary goal of the MYOB software is to improve students’ learning skills by providing them with more resources. MYOB and Perdisco practice sets are used by a large number of teachers nowadays to teach accounting, finance, mathematics, and other related disciplines to their students, as well as to assess their progress.
The Perdisco assignment assists the students in gaining a better understanding of their own level of performance in the evaluation. It gives students with a number of different types of question banks, which allows them to study more effectively on a more personalized level.
Perdisco practice sets also provide students with a variety of clarifications for the correct answers, as well as the most accurate feedback available based on the student’s performance. Each answering session concludes with the option to leave a message.
Advantages of Perdisco and MYOB
There are no cheats in this software since it is designed in such a way that it is virtually hard for students to communicate their answers with their friends once they have received them. In this way, the learning strategy that students employ when utilizing Perdisco practice sets and MYOB accounting software can never be considered inconsequential or ineffective. Cheating will never result in effective learning and education, and it is therefore critical to eliminate cheating while studying at all costs.
All of the Perdisco assignments and practice sets that students complete are graded and proofread automatically, thus there is no possibility of an error in the grading system. This feature is a favorite of the instructor because it reduces the amount of work that the instructor has to do.
A virtual teacher who will guide you through an e-learning program is also provided as part of the package. The primary responsibility of the virtual teacher is to respond to all of the students’ questions.
The back-on-track function is the most important crucial element since it allows students to go back on track if they lose focus of what they were doing, and as a result, it never allows you to become distracted from your work.
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At Assignment help, we want to see each student study effectively and efficiently, producing the greatest amount of output with the least amount of input. Students today have tremendously hectic schedules to contend with. They are required to take significantly more courses than prior generations of students, and they also have other non-academic commitments, such as working part-time to support themselves financially, than earlier generations. As a result of this, Assignment help provides the most authentic assistance to students who are looking for Perdisco practice set answers. Those students who are fed up with typing “Do My Perdisco,” “Perdisco Course Help,” or “Perdisco practice set solutions” into Google will realize that Course Help is their best chance for finding 100 percent right, genuine, and reasonably priced Perdisco practice set solutions. We provide Perdisco practice set answers available on our website for students who require professional Perdisco and MYOB assistance. In both accounting theory and accounting practice, our accounting specialists have a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Perdisco manual accounting practice set is supported by a pool of over 500 Chartered Accountants who work as Course Help experts for us and who will assist you in completing the set.

On top of that, Course Help provides a 100 percent money-back guarantee if our teacher is unable to achieve the level of success you desire. As a result, we have a strong grade guarantee on our hands. Perdisco manual accounting practice set answers are available at student-friendly pricing, and we keep our Perdisco answers completely inexpensive to ensure that a large number of students may benefit from our Perdisco answers.


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Help with C++ homework

Concerning the C++ programming language
Bjarne Stroustrup is credited with developing the C++ programming language for the first time. This programming language is mostly used in application software, device drivers, entertainment software, and other similar applications. It is possible to employ linked structures with the help of specific programs thanks to the virtual methods of C++. Additionally, the operator overloading feature aids in the creation of codes that make use of the -* and + symbols. Furthermore, C++ can be used in conjunction with C programs.

C++ Assignment Help assists students in working on a variety of platforms that support the C++ programming language, including Microsoft Windows, Linux (using GCC and G+++), and UNIX. It is also possible to utilize a variety of different compilers with this tool, such as VisualC++.NET (2002-2005), Visual C++, Mingw (Cygwin), Miracle C (C#), CYGwin (Mingw), G++gCC (Bloodshed DEV C++), G++, and so on.

Understand the programming language assignment in order to complete it.

Students who are working on a programming language assignment must be actively involved in the practicals and keep track of all of the concepts that are being addressed in the class. Students, on the other hand, are unable to cope with the strain due to a lack of time or inadequate instruction.

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C++ Homework Assistance Immediately
Are you looking for C++ homework assistance right now? C++ is a programming language that has grown and developed throughout the course of time. Students must practice the numerous concepts of the subject over and over again in order to gain a firm grasp of it. The problem is that individuals often have difficulty completing their tasks and resort to seeking online C++ assistance. Homeworkacetutors not only provides the greatest C++ assignment assistance to their students, but they also assist them in understanding the ideas as well. We have been providing C++ assignment assistance to students in the United States and Canada. Our crew comes to the aid of students who are having difficulties with their assignments and assists them in completing their assignments on time. Students may submit their assignments on time and earn higher scores with the assistance of Homework Ace Tutors professional tutors.

Concerning the C++ programming language
Generally speaking, C++ programming is a general-purpose programming language that is mostly used to lay the groundwork for the development of other programming languages. The C++ programming language is essentially derived from the C programming language, with a few additional concepts incorporated. On top of the C programming language, new features such as Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) and generic programming capabilities have been implemented.

What Is C++ Programming and How Does It Work?
C++ is a programming language that is focused on object-oriented programming. Many other programming languages, such as C#, JavaScript, and Python, are built on top of this foundation. C++ is one of the most ancient programming languages still in use today. It provides pupils with the foundational coding abilities that are required to learn other popular programming languages in today’s competitive job market. BjarneStroustrup was the first person to develop the C++ programming language. It is a class-based extension of the C programming language that contains all of the properties of the C programming language plus some new classes. This language possesses characteristics of both high- and low-level languages. This is a widely used programming language that has features such as pointers, polymorphism, namespaces, virtual, and friend functions, among others. There are numerous features that are not available in the C programming language, but are available in the C++ programming language. This programming language is used to create large-scale development initiatives.

There are numerous advantages to using C++, some of which are listed below:

It is simple to learn
Language that is well-structured
It creates programs that are effective.
It is capable of dealing with both low- and high-level tasks.
It can be built on a variety of different platforms.
A vast variety of applications for the C++ programming language can be found in the technological industry. Initial implementations of the C++ programming language were used for system development and in the source code of the operating system.
The Most Significant Advantages Provided by C++
The following are some of the advantages that the C++ programming language provides:

The C++ programming language is portable, allowing programmers to create programs that run on a variety of hardware and operating systems.
It is commonly used in low-level programming and for general-purpose applications.
It is possible to handle exceptions and overloaded functions.
As a powerful programming language that is extremely efficient and speedy, it is highly regarded.
Allow you to experiment with a variety of different applications.
Allowing programmers to create a variety of apps is important.
The present code is simple to adapt and keep up to date.
Classes in C++ are extremely useful to programmers.
Every program produced in this language has the ability to be condensed or compiled in the C++ programming language.
When compared to other programming languages, Java allows you to execute applications at a faster rate.
When employing data types, the compiler used in C++ makes no assumptions about the data types being utilized.
There are seven main sorts of programming styles that are supported. When it comes to writing programs, every programmer has the freedom to choose their preferred writing style. Instead of using an object to execute a task, as is the case in Java and Python programming, a programmer would have to choose a programming style that matches their requirements.
It is simple to tackle hard problems with this language since it divides a large task into small chucks by generating objects that represent the chucks.
Composed of common libraries and techniques that allow you to code quickly and efficiently.

How do we provide online C++ assistance?
Students require a significant amount of time to accomplish their C++ assignments because they must conduct enough research, design programs, execute programming classes, proofread their work, and construct robust test cases. While it is beneficial in terms of learning huge knowledge, students are already burdened with an excessive amount of study pressure. We at Homeworkacetutors are committed to providing our students with effective online C++ assistance. Our staff of C++ professionals completes the assignments from the ground up at a price that is affordable to everyone. Their responsibilities include conducting considerable research, writing effective code, and creating visually appealing user interfaces. Furthermore, because of our unrivaled customer care team, students can reach out to us at any time of the day or night with any questions or concerns. Our C++ homework assistance is certain to assist them in improving their marks and moving up the ladder of success. Revisions are provided without charge.
C++ is one of the most popular programming languages among students studying computer science. In order to complete their C++ programming assignments, many of them turn to our website for assistance. Despite the fact that our specialists are well-versed in all aspects of the language, there are some exceptions to the rule in specific circumstances. Consequently, if you require your professional to make changes to your project, simply email them back and ask for some enhancements before proceeding with the transaction.
Service that is reasonably priced
Because we believe that information should be accessible to everyone, we make all of our prices adjustable to meet your specific needs. Each specialist has his or her own worth, which is determined by factors such as experience, rate, awards, and the urgency of the order. We do not impose any additional costs to our customers, and you will only be charged when you are satisfied with the service we have provided.

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ACC7032 Evaluate the different competing financial objectives of the firm

Managerial Finance

ISSUE DATE: 21st September 2021
HAND IN DATE: 12th January 2022 at 12.00pm (midday)
HAND BACK DATE: 9th February 2022
Learning outcomes and pass attainment level:
• Evaluate the different competing financial objectives of the firm and the agency problem between shareholders and managers in publicly listed companies.
• Analyse financial data, conduct cost-benefit analysis and financial planning for effective business decisions using spreadsheet software package.
• Critically evaluate investment projects using appropriate investment appraisal techniques to assess suitability and viability of the projects consistent with the overall strategy and business model(s) of the firm.
• Critically appraise the major issues of capital management, relative advantages and disadvantages from the various perspectives of the stakeholders of the firm.
General guidance
The assessment for this unit is one coursework assignment. The required mark has been set at 50%. If you are attempting a first or second re-sit attempt your pass mark will be capped at 50%.
This is an individual assessment. Whilst there is no objection to you discussing the content of this assignment with your peers, your final submission must be completely your own work. Plagiarism and copying will not be tolerated and may lead to subsequent penalties being imposed. This is an individual assignment and all calculations, analysis and narrative submitted must be your own work.
The assignment will require a considerable personal investment of time and effort.
Structure of the assignment
There are three separate questions included within the assignment and you should attempt all three questions. There is no word limit to questions. If any part of the assignment is ignored this reduces the maximum marks which could potentially be awarded. The assignment answer should be carefully checked before submission for the use of appropriate and acceptable grammar. The correct use of English spelling is to be employed throughout.
All the numbers should be reported in 2 decimal points.
Submission of the assignment
All three questions must be attempted and submitted in one document. You are advised to prepare your assignment in Word format and copy and paste contents from Excel where spreadsheets have been used to support your work. Only Microsoft Word file will be allowed for submission.
Your student ID number should be shown on each page of your assignment.
Your assignment should be submitted electronically via Moodle and you are advised to do this well in advance of the submission deadline to avoid any system related issues. Feedback on your assignment will also be provided via Moodle once the marking has been completed.
Marking of the assignment
The matrix on the following page has been provided to assist you in completing your assignment and is an indicative guide only, not a formal marking scheme.

Indicative marking guide
(0%-49%) Pass
(50%-59%) Commendation
(60%-69%) Distinction
Question 1: LO1 (40%)
A lack of breadth and depth of financial analysis techniques accompanied by incorrect formulae or calculation without appropriate explanation.
Poor layout or presentation in anything other than business report style. Inadequate grammar and lacking in overall knowledgeable synthesis. Evidence of some financial analysis techniques but with errors of formulae and calculation with insufficient explanation and adequate presentation.
Attempt at a business report format with some supportive appendices. Mainly descriptive with some attempt at synthesis. Grammar and structure being adequate. Wide range of financial analysis techniques evident and supported by full disclosure of formulae and accurate calculation in a clear format.
Presented in business report format and coherently structured. Supported by referenced appendices. Effective and well-reasoned narrative discussion. An excellent range of financial analysis techniques which are supported by full disclosure of formulae and accurate calculation in a clear format.
Excellent business report format and well structured. Supported by fully referenced appendices. Excellent analytical and justified explanations showing synthesis and application.
Question 2 and 3 LO2, LO3 and LO4 (60%)
A lack of understanding of management accounting and decision making. Unable to produce the correct format and calculations. Limited or no narrative discussion or recommendations and conclusions. Poor academic writing and referencing.
Ability to apply some management accounting decision making techniques. Demonstrates an adequate understanding of the principles and techniques involved. Reasonable attempt at analysis and discussion of findings, though of limited depth. A good application of management accounting for decision making. Demonstrates a good understanding of the principles and techniques involved. Good analysis and discussion of findings, with good use of academic references which support clear and well explained conclusions. Excellent application and understanding of management accounting for decision making. Thorough and detailed critical discussion with excellent use of a range of academic references which support clear, practical, and well explained recommendations and conclusions.
An attempt at a business report with appendices. Mostly descriptive, with some synthesising. Adequate grammar and structure. A wide range of financial analysis approaches are evident, with formulae and calculations clearly disclosed.
Presented as a business report with a clear framework. Appendices cited. Narrative conversation that works. Excellent financial analysis procedures with clear formulae and reliable calculations.
Excellent business report structure. Appendices completely cited Excellent synthesis and application explanations.
2 and 3 LO2,3,4 (60 percent )
Lack of managerial accounting and decision making knowledge. Incorrect format and calculations. Minimal narrative discussion, conclusions, or recommendations Bad referencing and writing.
Possess some managerial accounting decision-making skills. Understands the underlying principles and approaches. Reasonable analysis and discussion of findings, though brief. A solid judgment using management accounting. Understands the principles and practices involved. Good use of scholarly references to support well-explained conclusions. Excellent decision-making management accounting application. Excellent use of scholarly sources to support clear, practical, and well stated recommendations and conclusions.
1st scenario
Mars Holdings Plc has a portfolio of stakes in subsidiary companies and is looking to add to it.
Existing subsidiaries include: a machinery and commercial vehicle dealership; a financing and equipment leasing firm; a haulage firm with 200 heavy cargo vehicles; and an English chain of value hotels, one operating at a loss.
Two prospective acquisition targets:
Wyre Child Ltd is based in leased converted hotels and provides care for children unable to be fostered. Border Commercials Ltd has a large unit that caters for the storage and repair of up to 60 commercial vehicles at a time, and has the potential for more space as it is based in a large empty industrial area. For income stability and growth, Border Commercials is seeking a fleet operator contract.
Below are excerpts from both target companies’ financial statements:
Profit/Loss Statements (SoPL)
Question 1
The scenario
Mars Holdings Plc has a portfolio of investments in subsidiary companies and is seeking another acquisition that complements the others.
The subsidiary companies already in the group include: machinery and commercial vehicle dealership; finance company; equipment leasing company; haulage company with a fleet of 200 heavy goods vehicles (HGV), and a chain of value hotels across the UK, one of which is making a loss.
Two possible acquisition targets have been identified:
Wyre Child Ltd is based in leased converted hotels and provides care services for young people unable to be cared for in the foster system. Mars Holdings Plc are looking into the possibility of converting their failing hotel into a provider of care services and Wyre Child Ltd is looking for another property to continue expanding around the UK;
Border Commercials Ltd has a large unit and caters for the storage and repair of up to 60 commercial vehicles at one time, and has the potential for more space as it is based in a large empty industrial area. Border Commercials is looking for a contract with a fleet operator to stabilise their income and growth.
Extracts from the financial statements of both target companies are shown below:
Statements of Profit or Loss (SoPL)

vertical analysis £ vertical analysis
Turnover 1,542,280 100% 1,258,950 100%

Cost of sales (783,796) 50.82% (375,852) 29.85%
__________ __________
Gross profit 758,484 49.18% 883,098 70.15%

Administrative expenses (367,548) 23.83% (419,765) 33.34%
Other operating income 9,015 0.58% 0 0.00%
__________ __________
Operating profit 399,951 25.93% 463,333 36.80%

Other interest receivable and similar income 1,204 0.08% 1,508 0.12%
Interest payable and similar charges 0 0.00% (38,505) 3.06%
__________ __________
Profit on ordinary activities before taxation 401,155 26.01% 426,336 33.86%

Tax on profit on ordinary activities (39,405) 2.55% (63,223) 5.02%
__________ __________
Profit for the year 361,750 23.46% 363,114 28.84%
__________ __________

Statements of Financial Position (SoFP)
£ vertical analysis £ vertical analysis
Fixed assets
Tangible assets 4,656 1.1% 291,546 30.9%

Total Non Current Assets 4,656 1.1% 291,546 30.9%
Current assets
Trade receivables 78,175 18.5% 285,275 30.3%
Cash at bank and in hand 338,855 80.4% 366,160 38.8%

Total Current Assets 417,030 98.9% 651,435 69.1%

Total Assets 421,686 100.0% 942,981 100.0%

Current liability: Trade payables 207,224 49.1% 122,944 13.0%
Non current liability: Bank borrowing 0 0.0% 371,335 39.4%

Total Liabilities 207,224 49.1% 494,279 52.4%

Equity and reserves
Called up share capital 2 0.0% 2 0.0%
Profit and loss account 214,460 50.9% 448,700 47.6%

Total Equity 214,462 50.9% 448,702 47.6%

Total Equity and Liabilities 421,686 100.0% 942,981 100.0%

The ratio analysis below is in 4 categories (Profitability, Management Efficiency, Liquidity and Gearing), and needs completing:
Profitability Ratios
Cap Employed
Return on Assets PBIT % 95%
Total Assets
Asset Turnover Revenue x 3.7
Total Assets
Gross Profit Margin Gross profit % 49.2%
Net Profit Margin PBIT % 26%
Efficiency Ratios
Receivables Collection period (R) Trade receivables x 365 days 19
Payables payment period (P) Trade payables x 365 days 97
Cost of sales
Cash Cycle R – P days -78
Liquidity Ratios
Current Ratio Current Assets x:1 2.0
Current liabilities
Financial Risk or GEARING Ratios
Gearing Fixed int capital % 0.0%
Total capital employed
Interest cover ratio PBIT x 0.0
Interest charges

1.1 Prepare a business report, maximum 2 pages long (approximately 800 words) with an appendix for your ratio analysis.
It is to be addressed to the board of directors of Mars Holdings Plc.
You must evaluate the financial statements, interpret the ratio analysis and make a convincing argument for investment in one of the two target companies.
Your report should be supported with academic references throughout, and your ratio analysis should be put in an appendix to the report.
(800 words, 30 marks)
1.2 Critically evaluate the working capital management (WCM) of both companies using academic references and draw conclusions on which is stronger. (200 words, 5 marks)
1.3 Create a table that lists the advantages and disadvantages of all the finance options available to Mars Holdings Plc. Explain, with references, the source of finance you recommend as most suitable way to finance the investment in either Wyre Chid services Ltd or Border Commercial Ltd.
(200 words, 5 marks)
Question 1 total 1200 words, 40 marks
Marking guide
Carefully examine the marking guide below to ensure that you structure your answer to include every element:
Profitability 4 3 7
Management efficiency 4 3 7
Liquidity 2 3 5
Gearing 2 3 5
Conclusion & recommendation 2 2
Credible academic citations 2 2
Layout, structure and grammar 2 2
Q1.2 Working Capital Management 5 5
Q1.3 Sources of finance 5 5
Total 12 12 16 40

Question 2
Question 2
You work for a consulting firm that has been approached by a client who is concerned about the future of their business. The board of directors of AJ Supplies Ltd are considering halting the production of 2 of their products that appear to be making no profit.
As you can see from the table below the directors are considering closing products Bass and Clarinet in an effort to improve overall profitability.
You spot that management accounting would show the results differently and may affect the directors’ decision.
Acoustic Bass Clarinet Total
(£m) (£m) (£m) (£m)
Sales 360 240 180 780
Cost of sales
Materials (120) (80) (80) (280)
Labour (120) (120) (120) (360)
Overheads (60) (60) (60) (180)
Profit/(loss) 60 (20) (80) (40)
Requirements for Question 2 part (a)
i. Use your knowledge of management accounting to calculate the contribution of each product 5 marks
ii. Use your findings from part (a) and appropriate academic references to explain whether the company should stop making product Bass. 1 mark
iii. Use your findings from part (a) and appropriate academic references to explain whether the company should stop making product Clarinet. 1 mark
iv. Discuss how and why marginal costing calculates contribution to pay overheads and why this is useful in evaluating product value to a firm? 1 mark
v. Do you agree that profitability will improve by ceasing to make Products Bass and Clarinet? What do you suggest the company does to increase profitability? 2 marks
Question 2 (a) total 10 marks

Question 2 (continued)
The board have approached you to get your opinion of their expansion plan, which includes a chain of factory outlet stores. Below are the figures for the first one that is planned for a central Birmingham location next year.
Company policy dictates that any decision should be based on the results of calculating Net Present Value (NPV) of 3 years cash flows using a cost of capital of 12%, Payback Period (PBP) must be less than 3 years, and the Internal Rate of Return (IRR) of the project should provide a 5% cushion in case of increases in inflation or interest rates.
The investment consists of £4,000 for the land, building costs of £7,900, and £1,830 for fittings and equipment.
The cash flows in year 1 are expected to be: total sales revenue £28,600; the cost of Acoustic products sold £7,900; Bass stock sold £5,660; staff costs £1,180; light & heat £1,676; other overheads £6,424. The cash flows for the following years are the same, but are expected to increase by 2% inflation each year.
Requirements for Question 2 part (b)
Using the information above and in accord with the above stated company policy you are required to calculate:
i. Net Present Value (NPV) 5 marks
ii. Payback period (PBP) and Discounted Payback Period (DPBP) 5 marks
iii. Internal Rate of Return 1 marks
iv. Based on your calculations do you recommend the investment is made and the new outlet store is built? 4 marks
v. Critically discuss the limitations of the above project appraisal techniques used and any other recommendations to the board. 5 marks
Question 2 (b) total 20 marks
Question 2 Total 30 marks
Question 2 total 600 words/equivalent, 30 marks

Question 3
The budgeted statement of Comprehensive Income and Net Assets for GFX Industries are given below:
Budgeted Statement of Comprehensive Income
For the year ended 31st December 2021
£ £
(25,000 boxes containing standard packets) 900,000

Direct Materials (350,000)
Direct Labour (160,000)
Variable Overhead (120,000)
Fixed Overhead (140,000)
Profit 130,000

Budgeted Net Assets as at 31st December 2021
£ £
Non-Current Assets at net book value 375,000

Working Capital
Receivables 80,000
Inventory 110,000
Payables (50,000)
Net Assets Employed 515,000

The current manufacturing facility is under-utilised and there is a proposal to extend sales to a supermarket chain with nationwide stores. However, the supermarket will sell the product under its own brand name.

Estimated effects of the proposal are;
i. Additional annual supermarket sales of 10,000 boxes at £30 per box.
ii. Cost of direct materials would be reduced as a result of 8% quantity discount on all purchases and variable costs are expected to increase by 2%.
iii. Extra supervisory and administrative staff will be required at a cost of £20,000 per annum
iv. Market research has indicated that sales to existing retail outlets would fall by 10%. There will be no change in selling price to these customers.
v. Inventory and payables would increase by £40,000 and £25,000 respectively and the credit period extended to supermarket will be twice that allowed to existing customers.

Prepare the revised budgets to evaluate this proposal. Specifically you should:

a) Prepare a revised budgeted statement of comprehensive income and a statement of net assets employed incorporating the results of the proposal i.e. Revised Sales Budget, Raw Material, Direct Labour, Variable Costs and workings. 16 Marks
b) Calculate the effect on profit of the changes resulting from the proposal. Specifically calculate the Per Unit and Total Contribution for the old budget and the new budget. 6 Marks
c) Advise management on the suitability of the proposal making any further calculations you consider necessary and adding any comments or reservations you think relevant. 8 Marks
Total Question 3 (30 marks)
Question 3 total 600 words/equivalent, 30 marks

How to Write an MLA Research Paper in MLA Format

How to Write an MLA Research Paper in MLA Format
Writing an MLA research paper isn’t as simple as the majority of students believe. This is because the process of writing a research paper begins with the identification of a research problem and finishes with the formulation of recommendations for possible solutions to the problem. It’s also worth noting that the way you deliver information is just as essential as the content itself. As a result, before you begin performing research, you should educate yourself with how to create an MLA research paper. You should begin working on an MLA research paper by picking an area that you would want to work on, just like you would with other sorts of research papers. This is an area that you should be interested in. You should also have the knowledge to thoroughly investigate it. Our MLA research paper writers are here to help you with your assignment right now.
Literature Reviewing for an MLA Research Paper
After you’ve come up with a compelling topic, you’ll need to take the next step and begin studying the relevant literature. Reviewing literature is important for a variety of reasons. To begin with, it aids in determining whether or not the identified topic is unique. Second, one can determine which research methodologies can be applied in the study. Most essential, reading material related to your issue will aid in the refinement of your MLA research paper topic. Our professionals are available to assist you in doing a literature study right now.
Data Gathering and Analysis for an MLA Research Paper
Without first collecting and analyzing data, you cannot consider the process of working on an MLA research paper to be complete. The methodology chapter is designed to help you through these two activities. In other words, the methodology chapter is critical since it clearly outlines not only how to gather but also how to analyze data that will aid in casting light on the selected research problem. It’s important to remember that you’ll be making recommendations based on the information you’ve gathered. If you’re having trouble figuring out how to create an MLA research paper, please get in touch with us right away. We guarantee that our writing pros are fully versed in this style of writing.

How to Write a Research Paper in APA Format

How to Write a Research Paper in APA Format
The APA writing style is used by the majority of behavioral sciences. This means that you should utilize this style of writing if you want to do research in any of the behavioral fields. This style should be used not just to format your work but also to cite it. As a result, if you don’t know how to write an APA research paper, you’re likely to struggle when performing behavioral science research. It’s worth noting that an APA research paper should have several chapters, including an introduction, literature review, methods, results, comments, conclusion, and recommendations. It’s important to note that each of the aforementioned chapters requires a specific type of information. If you’re not sure what material each of the above-mentioned chapters should include, we strongly suggest that you use our research paper writing service.
How to Cite a Research Paper in the APA Format
In your APA research paper, you must cite your sources of information in a certain method. To begin, it’s important to realize that this writing style employs the author-date system. This means you must include the author’s surname as well as the date the source was published. As a result, this format places a greater emphasis on the publication date of a specific information source. As a result, anytime you employ this style of writing, you should always make sure that you use current sources. The majority of information sources should be no more than ten years old, according to a useful rule of thumb. We have APA research paper writers on staff that can assist you with citations.
An APA Research Paper’s Preliminaries
The preliminaries portion of an APA research paper is very important. The title page, abstract, table of contents, list of figures, and list of acronyms are just a few of the important features to include in this section of a research paper. It’s vital to remember that when working on any of the aforementioned areas of the preliminaries section of a research paper, you must adhere to the APA writing style rules. We assure you that you will not be disappointed.

The two most widely utilized writing styles are the American Psychological Association (APA) and the Modern Language Association (MLA). The bulk of social sciences, such as psychology and education, employ the APA style of writing. MLA, on the other hand, is commonly utilized in humanities fields such as literature, language, and the arts. When we compare APA and MLA, we can see that there are a lot of parallels and distinctions. To begin, the APA and MLA writing styles are commonly employed to acknowledge the authors of various sources of material. In other words, they are employed to give credit where credit is due, hence avoiding plagiarism. Both the APA and MLA writing styles are familiar to our expert writers. This means that when working on your academic paper, we can use either of these two writing styles. These two citations are similar in that they both need a list of materials used at the conclusion of the work. These items are supposed to be arranged alphabetically. Furthermore, both the APA and MLA writing styles provide explicit instructions on how a work should be formatted.
What are the differences between APA and MLA?
It’s also worth noting that the two most generally used citation styles differ in a number of ways. To begin, the author date format is used in the APA citation style. To put it another way, when mentioning a paper in this style of writing, you must give the year the work was published as well as the author or writers’ surnames. One of the differences between APA and MLA writing styles is that the latter employs an author page numbering system. This is in the sense that the author’s surname as well as the page number where the precise information utilised in your article may be found is essential. The way the page with the list of the material utilized is labeled is the second difference between APA and MLA writing styles. The term “references” is used in APA citation style, but “works cited” is used in MLA citation style. We guarantee that our writers who instruct students on how to use these two sorts of academic writing papers are fully aware of their differences. That is to say, we can always assist you in deciding which style to utilize when it comes to APA vs. MLA.

EC139 Principles of Microeconomics Assignment Example

EC139 Principles of Microeconomics Assignment Example
What to Write About in an Economics Essay for EC139 Ireland’s University of Galway
The study of the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services is known as microeconomics. Most people associate the study of markets with microeconomics. Numerous principles are included here that can be used in any type of decision-making process. You will learn the fundamentals of microeconomic theory in this course. A wide range of real-world examples will show you how these concepts are put into practice.

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EC139: Principles of Microeconomics Assignment Answers
Individual and group assignments, reports, case studies, and final year projects are just a few of the many types of assignments students will encounter during this course. We will also provide solutions for these types of assignments, as well as others, as they come up.

The student should be able to do the following at the end of this course:

Examine economics as a social science and its scientific method of inquiry in this assignment’s first task.
A key focus of economics is how people make efficient use of limited resources to meet their seemingly insatiable wants and needs. It’s a social science because it focuses on the study of human actions. As a scientific discipline, it uses the scientific method of inquiry, which is a methodical approach to asking and responding to questions.

Hypotheses and theories about human behavior are put to the test using the scientific method. Listed below are the steps in the scientific method of inquiry:

Decide what the issue is that needs to be addressed.
Find out everything you can about the issue in order to come up with a solution
Create a hypothesis to help you find an answer to your query.
Analyze the data you’ve collected to see if your hypothesis holds up.
Draw conclusions based on the data and analysis you’ve gathered, and back them up with evidence.
Assignment Activity Core principles of microeconomics should be used, appreciated and recognized
Markets are explained in microeconomics by a number of fundamental principles. Some examples of these ideas are:

The principle of supply and demand states that the market price of a good or service is determined by the supply and demand for that good or service.
Using marginal analysis, a decision should be evaluated based on the additional benefits gained from a marginal increase or decrease in one of its factors.
What you give up in order to make a choice is considered the cost of that choice. In making a decision, you must consider the value of the second-best option you could have chosen instead.
There is a theory known as elasticity that states that when something can be easily substituted or supply or demand changes, the quantity demanded or supplied will change more than normal.
When resources are limited, people have to make trade-offs when making decisions, according to this principle. A choice has a cost, and the cost of a choice is the value you give up as a result of making it.
The equilibrium price of a good or service determines its price, according to this principle. The market forces of supply and demand determine the equilibrium price of a product based on how much consumers are willing to pay for it.
A market’s price is determined by supply and demand, which are affected by the government’s policies and the structure of the industries in the market. Monopoly, perfect competition, oligopoly, and monopoly are the most common forms of business organization in the industrialized world.
Develop an understanding of the market economy, including markets, demand, and supply.
When we talk about “commodity” markets, we’re referring to a single product, such as a commodity. It is possible for firms to set their own prices and production levels in this market structure.

There are three primary types of markets in the majority of countries:

Sellers and buyers connect directly or indirectly through a mediator in primary markets. Primary markets include, for example:

Selling their crops to a nearby buyer.
Customers and businesses can buy directly from the manufacturer.
IPOs are public offerings of a company’s products to the general public.
Second-hand goods: Buyers and sellers who aren’t part of the primary market can connect through these secondary markets. The following are some examples of secondary markets:

The stock market is a venue for individuals and businesses to trade ownership stakes in one another.
Debt instruments are bought and sold in this market.
Buyers and sellers in the foreign currency market can trade various currencies.
Secondary and tertiary industries: People who don’t participate in the primary or secondary markets can trade here. In the tertiary market, for example,

A used car dealer is selling a vehicle from one person to another.
A business that contracts with a third party to do some of its work
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The amount of a product or service that consumers are willing to purchase at a given price is known as demand. Graphically, a demand curve shows how much a product is in demand. When the price of a product changes, the demand for that product shifts accordingly.

Law of demand states that when the price of a good rises, the quantity demanded decreases and vice versa, if all other factors are equal. The more expensive a product is, the fewer people are willing to buy it.

A rise in demand shifts the demand curve to the right, and a fall in demand shifts it to the left. The following is a list of the variables that influence changes in supply and demand:

Changing the price of a substitute or complementary product can affect your decision to purchase the product in question. Demand for chicken will rise in response to an increase in the price of beef.
Most goods and services are more popular when people have more money to buy them. This is due to the fact that people have more money to spend and are able to purchase more goods.
In the long run, the demand for a particular product will change due to changes in consumer tastes and preferences over time. Organic food, for example, has seen an increase in popularity recently due to an increase in health-conscious consumers.
Population changes: The demand for goods and services will rise as the population of a country rises. Housing and medical care services, for example, are likely to be in greater demand as Canada’s population grows.
People are more likely to buy a product now rather than wait for the price to rise if they believe it will rise in the future. Due to a hurricane, for example, people are more likely to fill up their tanks today rather than wait until tomorrow morning.
The amount of a product or service that can be sold at a given price is known as supply. Using a graph, the supply curve depicts the amount of a product that is available for purchase. It demonstrates how changes in price affect supply and demand.

The law of supply states that if the price of a good rises, the supply will rise as well, and the opposite is true. There is a positive correlation between a rise in the supply of goods and a downward correlation between the two. The following list summarizes the variables that influence supply and demand:

If the price of a substitute or complementary good rises or falls, you may be less inclined to produce the original product. For instance, if the price of corn rises, the amount of corn flakes available will be reduced accordingly.
Technology: Technology advancements can increase supply by making goods and services more efficient to produce.
Production costs: Wage, raw material, and energy cost increases all lead to an increase in the product’s price and a decrease in supply.
Supply can be disrupted by extreme weather conditions, such as floods or droughts.
Regulators: The willingness of producers to supply can be affected by changes in government regulations. An increase in production costs and a decrease in the supply of certain goods can be caused by new environmental regulations, for example.
Economy of the Market
People and businesses make economic decisions in the market economy in order to maximize their profits. Market prices are determined by the interplay between supply and demand in a free market economy.

In a free and competitive market economy, economists believe:

Businesses set prices so that they don’t make any money.
The market price of a good or service multiplied by the amount of output produced is the amount of output produced by a firm at its marginal cost equals its marginal revenue.
Prices are taken as given by consumers, who decide how much to buy based on their willingness and ability to pay.
The amount of goods and services produced is maximized given the available resources, which means that the allocation of resources is effective.
This means that the quantity of a good or service demanded is equal to the quantity supplied at every price.
Buyers and sellers work together in the market economy to produce and exchange goods. Market economics are based on supply and demand, which determines the price of goods and the allocation of resources.

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Understand the costs of production and market structures (Assignment 4).
Market prices are determined by the interplay between supply and demand in a free market economy. We must first understand the concepts of cost, production, and market structure in order to understand how this works.

To get something, you must first give up something else. What you pay for a product or service is referred to as its cost. The amount of money it takes to produce a product or service is known as the production cost. Fixed costs, variable costs, and opportunity costs are all components of the total cost of production.

When the quantity produced changes, fixed costs, such as the rent on the property used to produce goods, remain the same, regardless of the change.
Raw materials and labor are two examples of expenses whose prices fluctuate according to the number of units produced.
When a decision is made, the profit that could be earned by selling a good instead of producing it is an example of an opportunity cost.
Making products and services is what we mean by the word “production.” Primary and secondary production are the two types of production.

Mineral extraction, timber harvesting, and fisheries all fall under the purview of primary production.
For example, manufacturing and construction are two examples of secondary production.
Market structures are the various ways in which markets can be arranged. A monopoly, oligopoly, monopolistic competition, and perfect competition are the most common market structures.

A good or service has a monopoly market structure if there is only one manufacturer. One or two companies are the primary suppliers of the product or service in an Oligopoly market structure. A good or service can be produced by more than one company, but they all produce the same product. When there are multiple producers of a product or service, each one produces a unique version of that product.


Only one person or company can produce a product or service in this type of market. It is the market price of a good or service, multiplied by the amount of output produced, that determines the amount of output that a monopoly produces.
Exclusive control of a necessary resource, government licensing or franchises, and patents and copyrights are the main sources of monopoly power.

The market structure in which a product or service is produced by a small number of companies. In an oligopoly market, no one can make a profit, so firms set prices as low as possible.
Economies of scale, product differentiation, and collusion are the primary oligopoly power sources.
Monopolies and Monopoly Power

When there are multiple manufacturers who all produce similar goods or services, this is known as a “multiple market structure.”
Market prices for goods and services are multiplied by the amount of output produced in monopolistic competition to arrive at firms’ marginal revenue, which is equal to their marginal cost in monopolistic competition.
The Ultimate Battle

Various goods and services are produced in a market structure where many producers are involved.
MR = MC, the market price of the good or service, less the marginal cost of producing an additional unit of output, is where firms produce in a market where perfect competition is guaranteed to exist
Analysis of microeconomic issues and problems is the focus of Assignment 5.
Market saturation, monopolies, and price gouging are all examples of microeconomic problems. Microeconomic issues are those that have a direct impact on a single company or individual consumer. Problems in microeconomics that are frequently encountered:

There is no more room for new businesses to enter and compete in a saturated market. Monopolies and oligopolies are possible outcomes of this.
Price gouging occurs when a supplier raises the price of a product or service significantly during a time of economic distress.
It’s known as “monopoly power” when a business has control over its own prices in both the up and down directions.
Discounting the price of an item depending on how much a customer is willing to pay.
Negative side-effects caused by consumption, which can lead to market inefficiency (ie; air pollution).
Assignment 6: Acquaint yourself with economics’ formal models and techniques.
Mathematical models, statistical models, and game theory are all examples of economics’ formal models and techniques.

The study of strategic decision-making through the use of game theory In economics and political science, game theory is frequently used to examine the actions and interactions of individuals and how they influence their opponents’ decisions, which can lead to different outcomes. It is possible to use game theory to analyze oligopolies, such as price competition or non-price competition (exclusionary practices), and to see how these strategies affect the market.

Economic theories can be represented more precisely through mathematical models. Economists can gain a deeper understanding of the interrelationships between various variables by employing mathematical techniques. For example, supply and demand curves can be plotted on a coordinate plane to show the relationship between price and quantity.

Data from the real world is used to build statistical models that can be compared to other similar data sets. Statisticians can test hypotheses about a data set by gathering, organizing, and analyzing large amounts of data. Using regression analysis, for example, it is possible to determine how a variable (such as the price of a product) affects another variable (e.g. quantity).

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LW357 Environmental Law 1 Assignment Example

LW357 Environmental Law 1 Assignment Example
Assignment for LW357 Environmental Law 1 Galway University in Ireland
You’ll learn about the rules that govern Ireland’s land use and development in this course. The Irish Planning Code, statutory interpretation, and public law are all examined. Institutions of planning control, applications for planning permission, participation by objectors, appeals and judicial reviews of planning decisions, and compensation for refusal of development are some of the topics covered in this course. Student comprehension of planning law and its fundamental principles is expected at the end. A few of the specific topics they’ll study include constitutional restrictions on land use and recent legislative changes such as the Planning and Development (Strategic Infrastructure) Act 2006 or the Planning, Development (Amendment) Act 2010 or the Environment (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2011.

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LW357 Environmental Law Ireland Solved Assignments
It’s important to note that in this course, students will be given a wide range of tasks including individual and group-based assignments as well as reports and case studies.

Students who successfully complete this module will be able to:

Assignment Task 1: Acquainted with the sources of Irish planning legislation.
Land use, development, and management are all governed by the principles of planning law. Planning law in Ireland prohibits certain housing developments unless they have the approval of the local council. Every two years following the completion of on-site work, developers must also submit a completed Planning Application Form to the local council office. A surveyor’s site address and location plan, information on vehicular access routes and parking facilities, and details on any open space provision included in the plan are all required in the application form.

The Planning and Development Act 2000 contains a second schedule that lists the primary sources for Irish planning law (as amended). In general, planning law in Ireland is a product of the Oireachtas, which means that legislation passed by the Irish parliament is the primary source of the law. The following are the primary sources of Irish land use law:

Legislation governing land use planning and development enacted in 2000 (known as the “2000 Act”)
As amended by S.I. 426 of 2001, the “Regulations,” the Planning and Development Regulations 2001 (S.I. No. 426 of 2001)
Act of 2006: Planning and Development (Strategic Infrastructure)
The “2010 Act” amends the Planning and Development Act of 2010.
“2011 Act” means the Environment (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act of 2011.
Assignment Acquaint yourself with the Irish planning code as a second task
Objectors, developers, and local authorities are all bound by the Irish planning code, which sets out the rules for the planning process. Additionally, it provides information on how local governments should go about evaluating planning applications. First implemented on July 1st, 2001, it can be found in the third schedule of the 2000 Act (as amended).

Planners and developers in the Republic of Ireland must adhere to the country’s planning code when proposing or constructing new projects. According to the 2000 Act, it can be found in its third schedule, which was most recently updated by the 2010 Act. As well as more specific provisions like the maximum height and size of a building permitted in an area, it provides information on how to apply for planning permission and what information must be included in an application.

Planning codes are important in Ireland as they outline the rules that must be followed when developing new projects. To avoid legal action, developers must follow all applicable codes of conduct.

A complaint can also be made by the public if they believe that development has been done in violation of the code of conduct.

In the Irish planning code, there are two sections. Developers must notify local authorities of major development plans in the first part of this section. Additionally, it outlines the responsibilities of local governments in relation to housing and planning permits, such as promoting sustainable development. The decision-making process is the focus of the second section of the planning code.

The planning departments of local governments are in charge of enforcing the planning code. Under the 2000 Act, you can file a complaint about how a local authority has handled a planning application (as amended).

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Task 3: Become acquainted with the legal framework for land use planning.
It is the responsibility of the various government departments and agencies that make up the institutional framework of Irish planning law to administer, develop and enforce it.

Irish planning law is primarily governed by the following institutions:

It is the responsibility of the Department of Housing, Planning, and Local Government to develop and coordinate the work of other government departments in the area of planning.
The Department of Environment, Community, and Local Government is in charge of establishing and enforcing environmental regulations in Ireland. It is also responsible for the affairs of the local government and the citizens of the community.
In the Board of Pleasure: As an independent body, the An Bord Pleanála is responsible for hearing appeals against local authority decisions regarding planning applications.
Planning applications, enforcement actions, and the development plan for the area under local authority are all handled by the local authorities.
Ireland’s planning law is important because it lays out who is responsible for what in terms of the law. In the event that you have an issue with a new development, you can take your complaint to the appropriate government agency.

Task 4: Critically evaluate the planning process
An application for permission to build is submitted to the local planning authority, which then makes a decision on whether or not to grant it. Obtaining permission for a development requires following a set of steps known as the planning process.

planning begins with a series of questions:

During pre-application consultation, developers meet with local authorities to discuss their plans and see if they are likely to be approved for a development. After all the facts are known, the local authority may request additional data from developers to form an opinion.
Developer will submit a planning application to the local authority for consideration after pre-application consultation is successful. Within four months of receiving the application, the local government must make a decision on whether or not to grant permission. The developer has the option to take their case to An Bord Pleanála if they are denied permission.
There are 16 grounds for appealing a decision by the local authority to An Bord Pleanála in the Planning and Development Act 2000 if permission for a development is refused or granted with conditions (as amended). The decision of An Bord Pleanála is final.
It’s not uncommon for the planning process to be lengthy due to the numerous stages involved. It’s critical to understand where a project stands in the planning process before deciding whether or not to pursue it and, if so, whether or not to appeal a decision.

Additional to the standard planning process, legislation provides for a fast-track system known as Strategic Infrastructure Development (SID) (SID). Allowing the Minister for Housing, Planning and Local Government to approve certain types of development without going through the normal planning process is known as SID.

Assertion 5: Able to conduct legal research on planning issues
When it comes to planning, things can get very complicated. In order to determine whether a particular development will be granted permission or not, it is necessary to know where the project stands in the planning process. There are a number of places where you can conduct legal research, such as the website of An Bord Pleanála or the Department of Housing, Planning, and Local Government to learn about the rules that govern a specific type of development.

While this initial research may suffice for some planning issues, you may also need to conduct more extensive legal research, such as reading the relevant case law and legislation. Legal databases such as Westlaw Ireland, which includes case law and statutory materials on Irish planning law, can be used for this type of research.

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PS403 Biological Psychology Assignment Example

PS403 Biological Psychology Assignment Example
An Example of a PS403 Biological Psychology Project
Students will learn about the biopsychological foundations of human behavior in this course. How the nervous system is organized in the body, how it communicates with other systems within the body, and how it affects behavior are all covered in this course. These studies aim to better understand the biopsychological basis for schizophrenia and sleep, as well as how this affects memory.

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PS403: Biological Psychology Exam Answers
It’s important to note that in this course, students will be given a wide range of tasks including individual and group-based assignments as well as reports and case studies.

Students who successfully complete this course will be able to:

When a person suffers from a form of brain damage that affects their ability to communicate, they will experience a range of physical and mental consequences.
In order for the brain and the rest of the body to communicate, signals must be sent and received by the nervous system. A person’s brain is made up of three parts: the cerebrum, cerebellum, and pons. This part of the brain is responsible for all of the functions of the mind and body. Balance and coordination are controlled by the cerebellum. A person’s breathing, heart rate, and digestion are all under the control of the brain stem. Neurons, the nerve cells that make up the nervous system, number in the billions. Neurons communicate with the brain and the body’s muscles and organs, directing them to carry out specific actions. Dendrites extend from the cell body of a neuron. Chemical neurotransmitters enable the transmission of signals between neurons by facilitating information exchange. As an electrical impulse travels down the axon toward the neuron’s terminal, where it connects with other neurons, muscles, and organs, the dendritic fibers carry the messages. Damage to any part of this system, whether from a stroke or an accident, can lead to both physical and mental health issues. It is possible that people with damage to the cerebellum or the hippocampal gyrus will have difficulty walking or balancing, for example. Physical injuries, such as a concussion, or diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease, can harm the nervous system. Disadvantages such as difficulties in movement, coordination and thinking can result from damage to the nervous system.

Assignment Activity 2: Discuss the ways in which the nervous system communicates and the ways in which drugs interact with these systems.
There are many nerves in the nervous system, which transmit electrical impulses to each other. Neurons are the cells that make up nerves. Dendrites and axons are two types of structures found in neurons. Sending messages from the dendrites to the cell body, the axons transmit them to the next neuron via electrical impulses. A neural network is the name given to this type of communication system. Physical injuries, such as a concussion, or diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease, can harm the nervous system. Disadvantages such as difficulties in movement, coordination and thinking can result from damage to the nervous system.

When drugs interact with the nervous system, they can be both beneficial and harmful. Drinking alcohol or smoking marijuana can disrupt the communication between neurons in the brain. Movement, coordination, thinking, and basic functions can all be affected by this. Additionally, drugs like stimulants and antidepressants can help restore function by improving communication between neurons. It’s important to remember that no two people are the same when it comes to the effects of medications, so always talk to your doctor before starting any new treatment.

Describe the diathesis-stress model of schizophrenia and evaluate current theory and research on the biochemical and structural abnormalities associated with this disorder (assigned activity 3).
In the diathesis-stress model of schizophrenia, a certain level of predisposition toward developing this disorder will be triggered and exacerbated by an environmental stressor that is strong enough.

For the most part, schizophrenia research has focused on finding out what causes people to become afflicted with this condition. Dopamine and serotonin abnormalities, according to some research, may play a role. It has also been hypothesized by other researchers that brain abnormalities could play a role in the condition. For example, it has been discovered that people with schizophrenia have less gray matter in their brains than those who are healthy.

Not all people with schizophrenia have the same symptoms, and not all symptoms can be explained by underlying abnormalities, as is the case with schizophrenia. Schizophrenia may be linked to environmental and sociocultural factors as well, according to some studies

Early life stressors, such as childhood abuse and obstetric complications, are now being studied as a possible risk factor for schizophrenia. Stress in early life may increase a person’s risk of developing the disorder, according to these research findings. In order to determine whether or not these stressors are actually responsible for the increased risk of schizophrenia, more research is required.

Schizophrenia can be caused by a variety of different risk factors. To name a few, there are biological factors like genes and developmental history, emotional factors like trauma, and societal factors like air pollution and other environmental factors (such as living in an urban area). There is no single factor that causes schizophrenia, but it is thought that the combination of these factors leads to an escalation of psychotic symptoms and the development of the disorder. That said, schizophrenia is a complex disorder that affects a wide range of people, and there is still much we don’t know about it.

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Provide an evaluation of the various brain systems that collectively mediate memory in Assignment Activity 4.
An important function of the brain’s memory-mediating systems is to store and retrieve information. An issue with memory can arise if any of these components is compromised or damaged.

One of the most important parts of the brain for storing memories is the hippocampus. New memories are created and stored in this area, while old memories are retrieved. To help with long-term memory, the hippocampus assigns emotional and contextual weight to events. Damage to the hippocampus is thought to cause problems with long-term memory and episodic memory (the memory system that allows for mental time travel).
An emotional memory’s emotional valence is controlled by the amygdala. So, memories are either associated with good or bad feelings. Memory encoding and retrieval are also influenced by the amygdala’s interaction with the hippocampus. Damage to the amygdala may impair some aspects of memory mediated by the amygdala.
The cerebral cortex receives sensory information from the thalamus and processes it. Memory problems, such as not being able to recognize faces, can result from damage to this region.
Although the cerebellum is a small structure, it plays an important role in memory and cognition. Neuroimaging studies have shown, for example, that subjects’ cerebellums become more active when they encode new information and then try to retrieve it later. In light of this, the cerebellum appears to play an important role in the formation and retrieval of memories.
Memory retrieval and reconsolidation are both processes that take place in the prefrontal cortex.
Basal ganglia are responsible for determining whether memories are reconsolidated several times or only once.
Together, these brain systems aid in the storage and retrieval of information. Memory problems can result from damage to any one of these brain regions.

How long-term stress affects brain function and how it contributes to disease development? This is assignment activity number five.
When the body perceives a threat, it has a physiological response called the stress response. Hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis releases cortisol in response to this stimulus. Preparation for a fight or flight response can be aided by cortisol, a stress hormone (i.e., it increases blood pressure and heart rate). Immune suppression and a shift from fat to carbohydrate storage are just two of many effects that cortisol has on the body.

Long-term exposure to stress, on the other hand, can have negative effects on one’s mental and physical health, even if the stress response is adaptive. Researchers have found that chronic stress can lead to memory loss, structural changes (such as hippocampal volume loss), and disruptions in neural connectivity, all of which are associated with memory impairment. A person’s psychiatric health can be adversely affected if they are exposed to high levels of stress for an extended period of time. Psychiatric illness has been linked to chronic stress in the scientific literature.

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