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How to Avoid Plagiarism in Writing?
As writers, we rely on the work of others, absorbing knowledge and ideas from their already established beliefs and values. In order to avoid plagiarism, this must, nevertheless, be done with the utmost caution. In the context of this article, plagiarism is defined as the act of intentionally or unintentionally taking another person’s work, thoughts, or ideas without giving proper credit to their original authors in such a way that the information and ideas are misrepresented as your own. Plagiarism is regarded unethical and a serious academic infraction, regardless of whether it is intentional or inadvertent. It can cause a writer to lose their credibility, and in certain cases, it can even result in the retraction of their research publications from journals.
As a result, avoiding the plagiarism trap is extremely important for a writer who wishes to keep his or her integrity and good reputation. Writing papers that are free of plagiarism, on the other hand, is not difficult.
The following are the five most important techniques to avoid plagiarism.
1. Cite your Sources – Citing your sources is widely regarded as one of the most effective methods of avoiding plagiarism. Make a point of keeping note of all of the sources you consult while working on your project. Whenever you refer to an idea from another writer’s work, make sure to credit the author who originated the idea. When citing, conform to the citation guidelines and the style and structure that have been established.
2. Inserting quotations is another simple method of avoiding plagiarism that everyone may do. By putting quotation marks around the text, you are indicating that the words are not your own. Straightforward quotations should be formatted exactly as they appear in the reference work, with the source identified so that the viewer can easily identify the source information.
3. Paraphrasing – Paraphrasing is the process of recreating another writer’s ideas and notions and putting the material into your own words without compromising the original meaning of the content. Paraphrasing can be a difficult task, and if done incorrectly, it can quickly turn into plagiarism. The key to successful paraphrasing is to change the words used, the structure of the original statement, and to avoid using duplicate phrases from the source while yet keeping the original meaning of the concept being paraphrased.
4. Share your own thoughts on the subject – What do you have to say about the subject? Investigate and identify a distinct point of view on the subject, and then express your thoughts about it.
5. Make sure that your work is free of plagiarism.
It is possible that when paraphrasing, you will come across words that are difficult to restate and that you will be forced to keep with them. After you have finished your work, make sure to run it through a plagiarism checker to identify any instances of plagiarism and correct them in order to produce a plagiarism-free report.
The suggestions provided above might be extremely beneficial in avoiding plagiarism. It is essential to understand how plagiarism works, which can only be achieved by dedication and a great deal of experience in the field.

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In order to create an essay, your lecturer or teacher may assign you one for a variety of reasons. One of these reasons is to put your writing abilities to the test. The other reason is to test your understanding of a certain subject matter. Generally speaking, writing an essay is not always a simple academic assignment. In fact, it can be virtually agonizing at times to try to produce a decent essay for an acceptable grade. At any time you find yourself in this predicament, you can always turn to us for assistance with your essay writing needs. It is far preferable to place an order for this type of service rather than producing a subpar essay. We are pleased to inform you that our pricing are not prohibitively expensive in any way. Actually, you can purchase them even if you come from a low-income family with little financial resources.
The most effective method of writing an essay
Without a question, the most effective strategy of writing an essay is to approach it carefully. Therefore, you need break this entire task into several phases, as shown below. The first step should be a thorough examination of the essay topic. While you’re at this point, you should also pay close attention to the instructions for writing your essay. If you fail to adhere to these guidelines, you will end up writing a paper of worse quality. Unfortunately, some pupils, even after reading through the essay writing rules, are unable to comprehend them. This is something that we are all too familiar with. It is our mission to assist pupils in this situation. As a result, you can rest assured that if you need our essay writing assistance, we will assist you in comprehending the directions provided. With addition to this, we will assist you in dissecting the topic of your academic essay.
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There is no way that you will be able to compose an appropriate essay without first brainstorming your topic ideas. A person’s ability to identify relevant points for his or her essay occurs at this stage of the essay-writing procedure. Going through relevant sources is perhaps the most effective method of brainstorming. Unfortunately, locating and reviewing such pertinent information might take a significant amount of time and effort. Time is a luxury that many students do not have access to at their disposal. As a result, it is comprehensible why the majority of pupils become stuck at this particular point. You may benefit from ordering our essay writing services if you are one of such pupils.
Creating an outline for an essay
This is an extremely essential step. This is especially true for students who wish to create a coherent essay, which is a difficult task. Essentially, an essay outline assists the writer in organizing his or her work effectively. It also aids in the prevention of essential facts from being forgotten during the essay writing process. Furthermore, it assisted one in distinguishing important material from irrelevant information in connection to one’s essay. Is there anything about the process of outlining your essay that you do not understand? If you answered yes, you shouldn’t hesitate to place an order with our essay writing services. We guarantee that we will assist you not only in outlining your thesis, but also in producing the final draft of your essay for you. You will, without a doubt, be impressed by the quality of our services.

Tools for Free Essay Writing / Essay Typer / Essay Generator:

Writing an essay is not as straightforward as most students would have you believe. Working on such an article gets even more difficult if the writer is required to examine all of the nitty-gritty facts by himself or herself. Taking advantage of the developments that have been achieved in information technology, it is now feasible to work on your essay with the help of a free essay writing tool. The use of such a program makes the entire process of writing this type of academic essay substantially less difficult to complete. For the simple reason that using such a tool saves one time that would otherwise be spent searching for references, verifying grammatical problems, or even paraphrasing. There is therefore little doubt that if you do not particularly enjoy writing essays or if, for whatever reason, you are unable to complete your essay writing assignment, you should make use of an essay writing instrument. Additionally, there are several essay typer tools that we will assist you through the use of if you choose to consult with us.
You will be able to take advantage of a variety of benefits if you opt to make use of online essay writing resources, as previously discussed. To begin with, these types of programs are capable of generating references for your paper. It is important to remember that a well-cited essay is a requirement for an acceptable essay. The benefit of employing these kind of tools is that they can cite your essay in your preferred style of writing, which is really convenient. Citation styles used by such programs to cite essays are typically the Chicago, MLA, and APA styles. The key here is that you will be able to produce an authoritative essay when you use such tools because they will be cited in accordance with standard citation styles, which will make your essay more credible.
When considering whether or not to use a free essay writing tool, it’s understandable to be concerned about the possibility of receiving a plagiarized paper. Such technologies are effective at paraphrasing information, so there is no reason to be concerned. This type of software is able to paraphrase the information that it retrieves from many sources thanks to the usage of digital technology. As a result, you will be able to compose an essay that is completely original with little difficulty. Furthermore, essay typer tools are capable of identifying and suggesting suitable repairs for a variety of various types of errors in your document. The key is that you are no longer need to stress over the process of producing an essay. This is due to the fact that there are a variety of tools available to you that will allow you to generate your essay with relative ease. We are happy to provide you with guidance on how to operate with such instruments.

Free Plagiarism Detection Software:

Students at all levels of study are occasionally obliged to produce academic papers, and this is especially true for first-year students. This allows one to develop not only academic writing skills, but also the ability to think critically and creatively as a result of the experience. It’s important to remember that if you’re asked to write an academic paper, you’re expected to turn in material that is completely original. If you do not follow these instructions, you run the danger of being accused of plagiarism. Fortunately, it is now feasible to employ a free plagiarism checker application to determine the degree to which your work is identical to others’ work. Information that has been directly copied from other sources is highlighted using this type of tool, which is built in such a way that it can be easily identified. So it can be used to determine the extent of plagiarism in a specific academic paper with great success. If you decide to place your order with our company, our professionals will be happy to walk you through the process of using these types of online plagiarism checker software programs.
You should take into consideration a number of important factors before employing a specific online tool for the purpose of detecting plagiarism in your paper. When evaluating a tool, the first thing to examine is how effective it is. The effectiveness of the instrument may be insufficient, and you may not benefit significantly from it. Attempt to test whether or not it will identify it by copying and pasting material directly into your paper and seeing if it detects it. If it is unable to highlight material that has been directly duplicated, you should consider utilizing another tool. The point is that you must always make certain that your plagiarism detection software is up to date and effective.
Second, you should take into consideration the privacy policies of the free plagiarism checker program that has been provided. In most circumstances, a user must sign in before being able to access a particular tool or feature. You should make certain that you understand how the company that provides such a tool saves and handles the private information that consumers send to the company in the first place. Most essential, you should be certain that you understand how the academic document that you upload to an online service will be preserved and protected from illegal access before proceeding. You should make every effort to avoid using online plagiarism detector software that misappropriate the personal information of its customers. Please do not hesitate to place your order with our company today if you are unsure about the tool that you should use when checking for plagiarism in your essay or coursework or assignment, thesis, capstone project, research paper, term paper, or dissertation, among other types of writing assignments.

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Professional Writing Service for Research Papers
A research paper is typically intended to put one’s critical thinking abilities to the test. The test also assesses how well a student understands the skill of conducting empirical research and writing. As a result, you should anticipate that writing it will be more difficult when compared to other forms of academic papers. Having said that, writing it without professional assistance might be quite tough to accomplish. This explains why custom research paper writing services have become so popular in recent years. Students from all over the world can now place orders for this type of service. This has become possible as a result of the advancements made in information technology. You can use these types of services from the comfort of your own home if you have a phone or computer that is connected to the internet. We are one of the few companies that provide this type of writing assistance on the internet.
What a research paper is and what it is not
In its most basic form, a research report is the result of empirical investigation. It is necessary to conduct a methodical investigation into a certain problem before beginning to write it. A typical academic publication is organized into around five major chapters, each of which is discussed more below. The number of chapters varies from one academic area to the next depending on the subject. An acceptable research article should offer light on a serious research problem that has been identified. It is possible that the problem is real-world or intellectual in nature. Academic problems are essentially a result of a knowledge deficit. What aspects of writing a research paper do you find particularly difficult to comprehend? If you answered yes, make sure to get our research paper writing assistance. Our writers will be more than happy to explain what is being discussed in this document. They will also be delighted to assist you with the drafting of the numerous chapters of this type of document.
Is it a smart idea to use a research paper writing service to complete your assignment?
It is very acceptable for someone to request assistance in writing a research paper. This is due to the fact that the entire process of writing it can be extremely tiresome. Besides that, there are technical chapters that students find particularly challenging to write. This comprises the first and third chapters of the book. The introduction chapter of a research paper is the first chapter of the paper. There are three chapters in all. The third is referred to as the methodology chapter. Writing these two chapters necessitates the expertise of someone who is familiar with the research procedure. When it comes to research paper writing services, our website is one of the most dependable resources available. We will be pleased to assist you with writing the various technical sections of your paper. Please contact us for further information.
Some of the characteristics of a research article
Your research paper is expected to have a number of specific components. Originality is one of these characteristics. This type of academic essay must be completely free of plagiarism. Second, it should be presented in the proper format. When formatting your document, you should precisely adhere to the directions that have been provided to you. If you are unsure of how to style your paper, you should consider ordering it from our research paper writing service instead. The most crucial thing to remember is that your research paper should be free of errors that may be avoided. Proofreading is quite necessary in this situation. We are willing to assist you with editing and proofreading your research work. Please get in touch with us as soon as possible.

Research Paper Writing Help Service Online

It can be an uphill task to write a research paper. This is because for it to be considered acceptable then it must add some knowledge to an existing field or solve a certain problem. This means that you will have to not only collect but also analyze primary data in order for produce this kind of a document. Owing to the many challenges that students encounter in its preparation, some opt to look for research paper writing service. It might interest you to know that you can get this kind of writing assistance from the comfort of your home. Simply contact us today and we shall be sure to offer you writing guidance that you can rely on. It is okay for you to order for our research paper writing help at any time of your choice as our firm operates on a 26/7 basis.
There are a number of tips that when utilized properly can help you to come up with an exceptional document with a lot of ease. To begin with, you should maintain strong organization skills when writing a research paper. Normally, when working on this kind of a paper students are expected to read widely on the topic under study. If you do not have a proper way to organize the information that you obtained from reviewed materials then it will be extremely hard for you to write a coherent paper. If you are having a hard time organizing such information then it would do you a lot of good to consult our online research paper writers today. The second tip is to always not the bibliographical details of all the information sources that you use in your work. Such information is important as it helps one in not only citing but also citing his/her research paper.
Furthermore, you should make sure that you have used the most appropriate methodology when researching on the identified problem. This is because failure to do so will compromise reliability and validity of your study. At our writing firm, we have noticed that a good number of students who order for our research paper writing service are confused about the method that they are supposed to use. We are always glad to help such students whenever they allow us to do so. Additionally, you should make sure that your paper is formatted in the right manner. Any student who has ever ordered for our research paper writing help can agree to the fact that we always offer students papers that are correctly formatted.

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Writing is an important part of learning at all levels of academic achievement. The expectation is that by the time you reach a certain academic level, you will have acquired a specific set of writing skills. In order to develop such talents, you must regularly write in order to maintain your momentum. As a result, you will be required to write a paper from time to time. Creating academic papers, as you may have discovered, is not always an easy task. Without any kind of aid, writing these kind of papers can seem like an uphill battle in the first place. As a result, hiring a tutor to assist you with this academic endeavor is a wise decision. There are a number of suggestions that can assist you in producing a high-quality piece of writing. One of these suggestions is to begin writing your paper as soon as feasible after receiving your assignment. This will assist you in completing your work and submitting it before the specified deadline.
Looking for suggestions for what to include in a paper
Ironically, reading is a significant element of the process of producing a paper. A high-quality academic paper cannot be produced until you have read and understood the materials that are being referenced. Reading such materials can assist in identifying a new approach to handling the subject matter. When looking for things to read in preparation for writing your paper, you should emphasize credibility over all other considerations. This is due to the fact that information sources that are untrustworthy are more likely to undermine the credibility of your paper. Do you find it difficult to locate and read through relevant reputable sources of information on a consistent basis? If you answered yes, make sure to place an order for our academic paper writing services right away. Our authors will be delighted to assist you in putting up an outstanding paper.
You want to produce a paper that is of high quality, don’t you? As a result, you should understand the significance of paraphrasing.
When writing an academic paper, you should demonstrate your ability to synthesis a variety of various kinds of ideas. This indicates that directly copying material from other sources is a bad idea in the first place. When explaining a specific idea, you should make every effort to avoid using the exact words that were used in the original source. Furthermore, paraphrasing is vital since it allows you to put things into perspective more easily. Additionally, it aids in the prevention of copycatting. Are you unsure of the most effective approach to paraphrase something? If you answered yes, you should make a request to one of our tutors to write a paper for you.
Why is it a good idea to use our academic paper writing services to complete your assignments?
To begin with, we have a great deal of knowledge and experience. This suggests that we have a thorough understanding of the essential characteristics of an acceptable academic work. Second, we are deeply concerned about the well-being of our customers. In accordance with this, we do not charge an extravagant fee for our writing aid services. In reality, every customer is entitled to a substantial discount. As a result, our writers are eager to create a paper for you at a reasonable price. Despite the fact that the academic papers they create are of exceptionally high quality, this is the case. Furthermore, we are prepared to assist you in completing an appropriate paper in the shortest amount of time feasible if necessary. Why don’t you give our support a shot right now?

Nursing Homework Assignments

Sample Nursing Homework Assignments
Essay about a Nursing Case Study
It is important to gather as much information as possible about a certain type of patient with a specific medical condition when working on a case study for nursing school or practice. Alternatively, while examining a nursing problem, a case study can be viewed as one of the various research strategies that might be used to investigate the problem. Is it possible that you’ve been assigned to write a nursing case study essay? If you answered yes, we are delighted to inform you that you have arrived at the correct location. This is due to the fact that we possess the necessary skills to compose this type of academic paper. When writing this style of essay, there are a lot of essential aspects that you should pay attention to in order to succeed. The first section is devoted to explaining the current health status of the patients on whom you intend to focus your article. When writing about such patients, you should make it simple for the reader to understand both their medical history and their demographic characteristics. Producing such a description is something that our nursing case study essay writers can assist you with writing.
When writing this type of academic paper, the second topic on which you should concentrate is on the evaluation of the material. You should address the medical ailment that the patients who are the subject of your investigation are suffering from in this section. Each of the conclusions reached should be supported by supporting documentation. Afterwards, you should speak with the patients about the treatment they have received. When discussing treatment options, it is important to highlight the primary aims of each type of treatment. This should be followed by recommendations on how such treatment can be made better in the future, if possible. It is highly recommended that you consider purchasing nursing case study essay writing service from our website if you are unsure about any of the aspects of this type of paper that we have discussed thus far.
In your final paragraph, you should detail the method through which the suggested treatment was performed, as well as the results of that execution. The typical essay format should be followed when writing your nursing case study essay, despite the fact that your essay should cover a variety of topics and include several different features. This indicates that the introduction, body, and conclusion should be the three primary sections of the paper. Being able to organize so many details in this manner might be extremely perplexing. This is something that we are well aware of. As a result, whenever you acquire the services of our nursing case study essay writers, we are always prepared to assist you in organizing your work.
Writing a Nursing Powerpoint Presentation
What exactly should one do in order to prepare for his or her nursing Powerpoint presentation is unclear. This is exactly what you will learn from reading this essay. Essentially, the purpose of giving a presentation is to communicate a specific message in an engaging manner. This is made simple by the use of Microsoft PowerPoint to execute the task. There are a few things that you should do before giving your presentation that you should keep in mind. First and foremost, you should thoroughly review the material that you intend to present. The objective of doing so is to become familiar with the important themes that you will be emphasizing in your presentation during your presentation. Second, you should consider how you will organize your presentation in the most effective way. It is beneficial to design your presentation in such a way that each slide that follows after the first one assists the audience in better understanding your key idea. Did you realize that you may obtain nursing PowerPoint writing assistance from the comfort of your own home? You are now aware of the situation. Simply get in touch with us immediately, and we guarantee that you will not be disappointed with the level of support that we provide you.
When it comes to preparing your presentation, one of the most common mistakes is to make it too boring. This means that when you have defined the essential points that you should include in your presentation and the order in which such points should be presented, you are expected to take it a step further and devise a strategy to make it more fascinating for the audience. One of the most effective methods of achieving this goal is to include photographs that are relevant to the topic that you are interested in learning more about. While this is true, it does not follow that you should go beyond by cluttering your slides with a disproportionate number of photos. We will be happy to assist you in developing an intriguing nursing Powerpoint presentation on our website dedicated to presentation preparation.
Incorporating thought-provoking questions into your presentation slides is another great strategy for ensuring that you captivate the attention of your audience. Such questions should be relevant to the fundamental idea that you are attempting to communicate through your nursing PowerPoint presentation. There is absolutely no reason for you to spend sleepless hours stressing over how you are going to put together an effective presentation. This is due to the fact that we have the necessary expertise to assist you on how to amaze your audience. There is consequently no doubt that buying nursing Powerpoint writing assistance from our website is one of the best options that you can make right now.

Writing a Nursing Capstone Project
A nursing capstone project should, in theory, assist students in better comprehending the various ideas that they have learned throughout their time studying this area. Aside from that, completing this academic task allows you to improve your research and academic writing abilities significantly. Unfortunately, completing this practice can prove to be rather difficult. Because we understand how important it is for students to receive writing aid, we encourage them to place orders with our company. In general, for your capstone project in nursing to be accepted, it should include a number of critical qualities that are detailed in the following section. To begin with, it must be completely unique. As a result, you will be expected to identify a unique but essential topic in the field of nursing and then conduct extensive study into it from the ground up. Our nursing capstone writers are available to assist you with completing this task.
Your capstone project in the field of nursing, on the other hand, should be valid and reliable. In other words, when conducting research on it, you are expected to follow standard nursing research methods and procedures. Most essential, the solution to the problem that you decide to develop should be based on the primary data that has been examined as well as the knowledge gathered through the process of doing a literature study. The fact that such a remedy should be both effective and efficient in dealing with the nursing problem under consideration is also important to highlight. We guarantee that we will be able to assist you in developing an acceptable solution, regardless of the nursing problem that you choose to focus on. As a result, it should go without saying that we provide dependable nursing capstone writing assistance.
Additional formatting requirements for your nursing capstone paper include APA writing style formatting. You are expected to follow this format when deciding the different sections that your paper should include. Furthermore, this writing style is intended to assist you in determining the most effective way to organize your article. Most importantly, while referring and referencing your paper, you should adhere to the American Psychological Association style. It is important to point out that there is no way that you can create this type of paper without correctly citing the sources you used. In reality, failing to include in-text citations in your paper will not only lower the overall quality of your paper, but it will also increase the likelihood of being accused of plagiarism. We are pleased to inform you that if you acquire the services of nursing capstone writers from our website, we will make every effort to provide you a paper that is properly formatted.
Essay about Nursing Management and Leadership
Are you having trouble sleeping because you’re working on your nursing leadership essay? If you answered affirmatively, we are delighted to inform you that we are able to assist you. When you graduate from nursing school, you may find yourself in a position of leadership within the nursing profession. This is why your course instructor may opt to assign you an essay as a means of determining how well you comprehend the concepts of leadership and management within your chosen field of study. In the realm of nursing, most leaders are focused on encouraging nursing professionals to do various tasks with the goal of improving nursing services. Additionally, a leader is entrusted with mobilizing various resources and ensuring that these resources are utilized in an efficient and effective manner in order to achieve a stated goal. You may be delighted to learn that our nursing leadership essay writing service professionals have a thorough understanding of what it takes to be a successful leader in this field of study.
If you want to get a good mark on your essay on nursing leadership, you should make sure that it is well-organized. In order to begin writing it, you are expected to thoroughly analyze the prompt first. This is due to the fact that you are expected to provide a precise response to the question that has been provided to you. After you have finished studying the prompt, you should go on to brainstorming for possible ideas to include. Writing a thesis statement is the next task that you will need to accomplish. The majority of the time, students struggle to come up with this type of statement. Fortunately for you, we can aid you with the writing process. Simply place an order for our assistance with writing a nursing leadership essay, and we guarantee that we will not let you down.
Once you have developed a thesis statement, the remainder of the process of writing your nursing leadership essay will become relatively straightforward. This is due to the fact that what you are required to do next is come up with an outline, then elaborate on it in order to generate the first draft of your paper. After that, you are expected to reorganize the material in the draft you have prepared so that it is easier to read. When writing this type of essay, the final step should be to proofread your work before submitting it. Finally, you should double-check that you have adhered to all of the directions that have been provided. Why don’t you give us the opportunity to wow you today with our nursing leadership essay writing service? You will be grateful to us for allowing us to be of service to you.
Personal Statement for Nursing
While completing the application process for nursing school, you will be expected to submit a nursing personal statement. Essentially, the purpose of this type of document is to introduce yourself to the admissions committee and convince them that you are qualified. In order to accomplish this, you must persuade the reader that you are actually deserving of the opportunity to pursue a nursing degree. For this type of essay, it is necessary for the writer to reflect on his or her own character and life experiences in order to assess how effectively they have prepared him or her to pursue a nursing degree. When drafting this type of application document, it is critical to be well organized and concise. The reason for this is that you do not want to produce a paper that has excessive repetitions or is incoherent. If you want people to read your paper, it should be easy to read and flow smoothly. Have you been having a difficult time completing this type of document so far? If you answered yes, you could certainly benefit from our nursing personal statement writing service.
Generally speaking, there are a few essential areas that you should make certain to pay attention to when creating this type of application document. The first item to consider is your academic accomplishments. This does not always imply that you should only promote your academic achievements in your cover letter and resume. On the contrary, you should be able to explain why you received such high grades. That is to say, you should be able to demonstrate how you overcome a variety of obstacles to earn a passing grade in a specific relevant subject. The goal here is to demonstrate that you possess the intellectual ability necessary to pursue a career in nursing education. If you would like assistance in creating your essay in this manner, our expert nursing personal statement writers will be more than delighted to assist you.
The second topic on which you are expected to concentrate is your previous work experience. When considering your relevant experience, consider how it has prepared you to take a course in nursing school. The work experience that you choose to highlight in your nursing personal statement should demonstrate your commitment to assisting individuals in need. You should not be concerned if you do not have extensive experience that will aid you in arguing your case. The smallest tasks that you have ever carried out to demonstrate that you have the compassion to work with sick people, newborns and even the elderly should be brought up in an open and honest manner. As a nursing personal statement writing service provider, we can assure you that we have been in the business for quite some time. This implies that we are completely familiar with the precise structure that students are expected to follow while preparing and submitting their applications to various nursing schools.

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My Homework Writing Needs
Every student aspires to achieve outstanding results in his or her assignments. Unfortunately, this wish is not always fulfilled. As a result, some students perform really poorly. Smart kids, on the other hand, are spared this torment. This is because such students are aware enough to ask a professional writing firm to “please ace my homework for me.” We are pleased to inform you that you can make such a request through our website. In fact, we have a reputation for assisting kids in excelling in their schoolwork. We have experts who are willing to relieve you of your load. Such experts are always ready to take on your homework while carefully following the instructions you’ve given them.
Benefits of enlisting the assistance of our homework tutors
When a customer places an order on our website, he or she will receive a plethora of benefits. To begin with, our services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. That’s right; we’re always here to help anytime you need it! Our committed customer service team makes this possible. In addition, we have the necessary skills to complete homework assignments in any subject. This is due to the fact that our experienced assignment tutors cover a wide range of courses. Furthermore, we do not overcharge for our assignment assistance. Our fees are far from exorbitant; in fact, they are pretty reasonable. In fact, our firm is one of the most affordable. This should not, however, be seen as a sign that we are compromising on the quality of our services.
Has the thought crossed your mind, “I could hire someone to do my schoolwork for me?”
If so, it is unquestionably one of your lucky days. This is due to the fact that you have just landed on the correct website. We never stop working on our website until we’ve helped one of our clients improve their grades. In other words, no one ever gets disappointed when they ask, “Kindly ace my schoolwork for me.” If you’re seeking for someone to guide you through your academic journey, you should consider enlisting our help. It’s simple to place an order for our homework assistance. In fact, you can do it from the comfort of your own home, no matter where you are. This is due to the fact that all of our services are available online. We can’t wait to wow you with our high-quality homework writing services right now.

My Assignment Is a Success
Learning necessitates the completion of several assignments. Students have a deeper understanding of what they have learned by completing homework. You should anticipate completing multiple assignments as a result of this. Assignments, for example, come in a variety of formats. It just so happens that doing them can be exceedingly difficult at times. As a result, there’s no guilt in asking an online writing service to “please ace my paper for me.” Are there any benefits to having someone else assist you with your homework? Yes, there is an answer to this question. One of these benefits is that you will be able to save time. As a result, you will be able to enjoy your time as a student. You can use the extra time to do something else more fun. Second, you will excel in your academic duties. As a result, your overall academic performance will suffer.
“Please ace my assignment for me,” you can put it wherever you like.

This is one of the most common concerns among students who are having trouble completing their tasks. There are a variety of places where you can submit this request. While this is true, you should always exercise extreme caution when selecting a platform on which to place your order. This is due to the fact that not all internet platforms can be trusted. To begin, you should check the legitimacy of a website before acquiring services from it. How are you going to do it? The first technique to check a website’s credibility is to read the reviews left by previous consumers. You can trust a company if its reviews are positive and authentic. Second, be sure the writing company you’ve chosen has a real address. We can tell you that we are a reputable assignment writing service.

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When looking for a top assignment instructor, there are a few things to keep in mind.
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When it comes to hiring someone to help you with your homework, experience counts.
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Essay Writer for Hire

Essay Writer

There is no way to be a student and successfully dodge the entire process of producing an essay. It is worth noting, however, that you can now hire a professional essay writer to assist you in creating this type of academic assignment. When deciding whether or not to hire a particular writer, there are a few things to consider. To begin, make certain that you hire someone who is academically qualified. Someone who lacks the appropriate qualifications cannot effectively assist you in working on your academic essay. Second, make certain that the expert you’ve chosen has a lot of experience. There are many aspects of essay writing that can only be learned by actually writing one. This is the major reason why you should always make certain that the academic essay writer you choose has a lot of experience. Because writing an essay is such a difficult task, if you hire the wrong online essay writer, you will almost certainly receive a poorly written essay.
Skills that an Essay Writer Should Possess
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Writer of essays.

Service for writing essays
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An outstanding essay must be one-of-a-kind.
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How to Write a Research Essay
Writing an academic essay aids students in developing critical thinking and communication abilities. Essentially, these writings are created for a specific purpose. They are usually written to respond to a certain query or topic. As a student, your first goal should be to appeal to the reader’s sense of logic. You must maintain objectivity while doing so. Do you get the impression that you have no idea how to compose an essay? If you answered yes, now is your fortunate day because you’ve arrived at the perfect location. If you want to get a good mark, your essay must be well-written. This is to suggest that the way you present distinct thoughts is important. Avoiding ambiguity is a good rule of thumb to follow. In line with this, short and simple sentence forms are recommended. This is due to the fact that overly complex sentences are difficult to comprehend. Avoiding jargon and overly complex words is thus one of the essay writing strategies. Furthermore, the order in which numerous elements in your essay are presented impacts how simple it will be to comprehend your document. Different concepts in an essay should flow logically, according to online essay writing professionals.
Evidence should be the foundation of a good academic essay.
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How to Write an MLA Research Paper in MLA Format

How to Write an MLA Research Paper in MLA Format
Writing an MLA research paper isn’t as simple as the majority of students believe. This is because the process of writing a research paper begins with the identification of a research problem and finishes with the formulation of recommendations for possible solutions to the problem. It’s also worth noting that the way you deliver information is just as essential as the content itself. As a result, before you begin performing research, you should educate yourself with how to create an MLA research paper. You should begin working on an MLA research paper by picking an area that you would want to work on, just like you would with other sorts of research papers. This is an area that you should be interested in. You should also have the knowledge to thoroughly investigate it. Our MLA research paper writers are here to help you with your assignment right now.
Literature Reviewing for an MLA Research Paper
After you’ve come up with a compelling topic, you’ll need to take the next step and begin studying the relevant literature. Reviewing literature is important for a variety of reasons. To begin with, it aids in determining whether or not the identified topic is unique. Second, one can determine which research methodologies can be applied in the study. Most essential, reading material related to your issue will aid in the refinement of your MLA research paper topic. Our professionals are available to assist you in doing a literature study right now.
Data Gathering and Analysis for an MLA Research Paper
Without first collecting and analyzing data, you cannot consider the process of working on an MLA research paper to be complete. The methodology chapter is designed to help you through these two activities. In other words, the methodology chapter is critical since it clearly outlines not only how to gather but also how to analyze data that will aid in casting light on the selected research problem. It’s important to remember that you’ll be making recommendations based on the information you’ve gathered. If you’re having trouble figuring out how to create an MLA research paper, please get in touch with us right away. We guarantee that our writing pros are fully versed in this style of writing.

How to Write a Research Paper in APA Format

How to Write a Research Paper in APA Format
The APA writing style is used by the majority of behavioral sciences. This means that you should utilize this style of writing if you want to do research in any of the behavioral fields. This style should be used not just to format your work but also to cite it. As a result, if you don’t know how to write an APA research paper, you’re likely to struggle when performing behavioral science research. It’s worth noting that an APA research paper should have several chapters, including an introduction, literature review, methods, results, comments, conclusion, and recommendations. It’s important to note that each of the aforementioned chapters requires a specific type of information. If you’re not sure what material each of the above-mentioned chapters should include, we strongly suggest that you use our research paper writing service.
How to Cite a Research Paper in the APA Format
In your APA research paper, you must cite your sources of information in a certain method. To begin, it’s important to realize that this writing style employs the author-date system. This means you must include the author’s surname as well as the date the source was published. As a result, this format places a greater emphasis on the publication date of a specific information source. As a result, anytime you employ this style of writing, you should always make sure that you use current sources. The majority of information sources should be no more than ten years old, according to a useful rule of thumb. We have APA research paper writers on staff that can assist you with citations.
An APA Research Paper’s Preliminaries
The preliminaries portion of an APA research paper is very important. The title page, abstract, table of contents, list of figures, and list of acronyms are just a few of the important features to include in this section of a research paper. It’s vital to remember that when working on any of the aforementioned areas of the preliminaries section of a research paper, you must adhere to the APA writing style rules. We assure you that you will not be disappointed.

The two most widely utilized writing styles are the American Psychological Association (APA) and the Modern Language Association (MLA). The bulk of social sciences, such as psychology and education, employ the APA style of writing. MLA, on the other hand, is commonly utilized in humanities fields such as literature, language, and the arts. When we compare APA and MLA, we can see that there are a lot of parallels and distinctions. To begin, the APA and MLA writing styles are commonly employed to acknowledge the authors of various sources of material. In other words, they are employed to give credit where credit is due, hence avoiding plagiarism. Both the APA and MLA writing styles are familiar to our expert writers. This means that when working on your academic paper, we can use either of these two writing styles. These two citations are similar in that they both need a list of materials used at the conclusion of the work. These items are supposed to be arranged alphabetically. Furthermore, both the APA and MLA writing styles provide explicit instructions on how a work should be formatted.
What are the differences between APA and MLA?
It’s also worth noting that the two most generally used citation styles differ in a number of ways. To begin, the author date format is used in the APA citation style. To put it another way, when mentioning a paper in this style of writing, you must give the year the work was published as well as the author or writers’ surnames. One of the differences between APA and MLA writing styles is that the latter employs an author page numbering system. This is in the sense that the author’s surname as well as the page number where the precise information utilised in your article may be found is essential. The way the page with the list of the material utilized is labeled is the second difference between APA and MLA writing styles. The term “references” is used in APA citation style, but “works cited” is used in MLA citation style. We guarantee that our writers who instruct students on how to use these two sorts of academic writing papers are fully aware of their differences. That is to say, we can always assist you in deciding which style to utilize when it comes to APA vs. MLA.

Evidence Based Practice in Nursing

Nursing: Evidence-Based Practice
In general, nurses are health care providers with specialized training in the care of infants, the ill, and the frail. Nurses are expected to use evidence to guide their actions in order to carry out their responsibilities as effectively and efficiently as possible. That is to say, when trying to come up with new solutions to nursing problems, evidence from empirical studies, patient values and preferences, and the expertise of the individual nurse should all be taken into consideration. Nursing has embraced evidence-based practice, which is an important development. In other words, your professor might ask you to elaborate on this idea. Keeping in mind that evidence-based nursing is supposed to be a team effort, it’s important to note. This means that when providing health care, nurses should actively seek to learn about their patients’ preferences and values. This information and evidence should be used to determine the best course of treatment for a particular patient. This is a great time to start working on your evidence-based practice in nursing paper with our help.
In order for a particular nursing practice to be informed by evidence, it is up to the nurses to evaluate it.

Nurses have a responsibility to evaluate and judge the usefulness of a given body of information when providing nursing services. This means that nursing researchers are expected to conduct studies that have the potential to yield information that can be used in the practice of healthcare. Clinical practice guidelines should be informed by evidence of this type, it should be noted. If you have any questions about how evidence is used in nursing practice, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us right away.

Nursing evidence-gathering resources

Some of the most important sources of evidence used in nursing practice can be found here. First and foremost, randomized control trials are a major source of evidence. Control and treatment groups are compared in this experiment to see how a certain intervention affects them. Nursing research relies heavily on meta-analyses and systematic reviews. When it comes to a specific nursing issue, this type of analysis examines the relevant data. In addition, case studies are a reliable source of information for nurses. Contact us if you’re unsure of where to find the information you need for your nursing paper’s evidence-based practice.

—In the field of social work, evidence-based practice
Social workers are expected to base their interventions on scientific evidence. Pseudoscience can lead to interventions with potentially harmful effects, so it’s critical to avoid it. Evidence-based practice is a term that refers to the use of evidence and ethics when planning, designing, and implementing various interventions. Five sages play a key role in the process of obtaining and using this useful evidence. To begin, a policy-related inquiry must be posed. For social workers, this means finding out what the specific needs of their target population are at any given time. As a result, they are expected to participate in agenda setting and identify a policy-related issue for discussion. What if you’re a college student who’s having trouble coming up with ideas for a paper on this topic? Please contact our evidence-based practice in social work paper writers today if this is the case.
In evidence-based practice in social work, literature review is essential.
Once you’ve decided on a topic of interest, you’re supposed to conduct a systematic search for relevant literature. In order to learn from other researchers’ approaches to a similar problem, I’m conducting this research. It’s important to remember that relying on outside help isn’t always a good idea. As a result, the specific conditions in different locations are different. Now is the time to get started on your evidence-based practice in social work paper with the help of our team of experts.
Evidence-based social work practice involves a number of stages, including data analysis, project planning, implementation, and evaluation.
Gathering and analyzing data is the third step in using evidence in social work. When working in the field of social work, you are expected to adhere to established practices. A program or intervention to deal with the identified policy issue or problem should be developed after the relevant data has been analyzed. The next step is the actual implementation of the plan. Are you aware that our evidence-based practice in social work paper writing services do not require you to break the bank? We’re confident that our services will fit within your budget. Finally, you are expected to assess the project’s success or failure after it has been completed. To find out how well it has dealt with the social issue it was designed to address, it is necessary to conduct an evaluation. Project evaluation provides valuable lessons that can be applied to future endeavors.

Course Rated

Course Rated
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Course Rated Essays
An essay is essentially a form of prose writing on a certain topic. Conventionally, an acceptable essay ought to have an introduction, body and conclusion. If you would like to write an impressive essay then you ought to follow the due process of writing it. Basically, the process of writing an essay begins with going through the issued instructions and ends with proofreading the final copy of your paper. It is also worth to mention that a good essay should among other things be original. Moreover, it must be well cited. Are you a student and you have been wondering about where you can get course rated essays writing services? If your answer to this question is yes then we are happy to inform you that you have visited the right firm as we are willing to help you. Notably our services are quite cheap.
Course Rated Research Papers
A research paper is a formal academic document that students are required to write. Basically, in order to write this type of an academic document one is required to conduct research first. Stated differently, you need to identify a research problem and try to solve it by systematically investigating on it using conventional research methods. In order to write a good research paper you must possess some key skills that include: academic writing skills, ability to think critically as well as organization skills just to mention a few. It is also good to note that writing this type of a paper is quite time-consuming. If you are in any way unsure about how you are supposed to write this type of an academic document then we strongly suggest that you order for our course rated research papers today. You shall most assuredly be impressed by our papers.
Course Rated Dissertations
In most academic institutions, postgraduate students are required to write a dissertation as part of their graduation requirement. A dissertation is a formal academic document that is prepared after one has conducted a rigorous study on a certain phenomenon. Normally, an acceptable dissertation must contribute knowledge to the given area under study. This is perhaps the main reason why students consider writing this type of a paper to be quite an uphill task. If you are a student and you are stuck at any stage of writing this form of a paper then you should not hesitate to order for course rated dissertations writing services from our company. We promise you that we shall maximally satisfy your entire dissertation writing needs should you decide to trust us to assist you today. Our dissertations are also written from scratch and this is an assurance that they are 100% original. You should therefore look no further than our firm for reliable: course rated essays, research papers and dissertations.
The course is rated.
Academic exercises are one of the most prevalent activities required of students at all levels of education. In other words, writing essays, research papers, and dissertations is an academic work that one must complete while enrolled in a higher education institution. Unfortunately, not every kid appreciates completing intellectual work like this. Furthermore, some students may not have enough time to complete these kind of assignments. Others still lack the necessary abilities to compose a decent academic work. It is worth noting, however, that you can now acquire course-rated essays online. Our articles are completely unique, so you won’t have to worry about receiving a plagiarized paper if you order from us. We can also provide research papers that have been graded in a course.
Essays that have been graded by the instructor
An essay is a type of prose writing about a certain subject. An acceptable essay should have three parts: an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. If you want to write an amazing essay, you must follow the proper writing procedure. Basically, the process of producing an essay starts with reading the directions and finishes with proofreading the final version of your document. It’s also worth noting that an excellent essay should be original, among other things. It must also be properly referenced. Are you a student who has been looking for a place to receive course-rated essay writing services? If you answered yes to this question, we are delighted to notify you that you have come to the correct place since we are eager to assist you. Notably, our services are reasonably priced.
Research Papers with a Grade
Students are expected to create a research paper as an official academic document. Essentially, in order to produce this form of academic paper, one must first undertake research. To put it another way, you must define a research topic and attempt to address it by conducting a systematic investigation utilizing traditional research methodologies. To produce a successful research paper, you’ll need a few important qualities, such as academic writing skills, the capacity to think critically, and organizational skills, to name a few. It’s also worth noting that composing this type of paper takes a long time. If you are unsure about how to write this type of academic paper, we strongly advise you to acquire one of our course-rated research papers immediately. Our writings will undoubtedly leave an impression on you.
Dissertations with a Course Rating
Postgraduate students are typically obliged to submit a dissertation as part of their graduation requirements at most academic institutions. A dissertation is a formal academic document that is written after a thorough investigation of a phenomena. In most cases, an approved dissertation must add to the body of knowledge in the field of study. This is likely the primary reason why students regard writing this form of paper as a difficult undertaking. If you are a student who is stuck at any step of writing this type of paper, do not hesitate to contact our firm for course grade dissertation writing services. If you choose to enlist our help today, we guarantee that we will fully meet all of your dissertation writing requirements. Our dissertations are also written from the ground up, ensuring that they are completely unique. As a result, if you’re looking for dependable essays, research papers, or dissertations, go no farther than our company.

What Are Credible Sources and How Do You Find Them?

What Are Credible Sources and How Do You Find Them? How to Locate Trustworthy Peer Reviewed Sources for Your Research
Writing a research paper can be challenging, especially when it comes to gathering information to utilize in it. It is important to remember that when writing this type of academic paper, you must use sources that give correct and dependable material. This is one of the key reasons why many students are perplexed by the question “what are reputable research sources?” Credible sources, above all, provide accurate information. The majority of these sources are usually the result of extensive empirical research. As a result, when writing a research paper, you should avoid using grey literature. Grey literature refers to information sources that aren’t created with the intention of being published. As a result, they could contain information that is neither legitimate nor correct. Notably, such materials are untrustworthy research sources.
What are your research’s non-credible sources?
Let’s start by evaluating the materials that can be regarded untrustworthy. The majority of these sources that you should not use in your research are usually found online. As a result, using the first item that comes up after searching for a certain term that is relevant to your issue is such a terrible mistake. In particular, you should refrain from conducting research via blogs and social media posts. Such sources are usually prejudiced or erroneous, which is why they should not be used in an academic paper. Similarly, if you truly grasp how to obtain reliable sources for your research, you must avoid using outdated materials. Use materials that are no more than ten years old as a rule of thumb. The premise is that current information is more accurate and reliable than outdated information.
What are some good places to look for reliable sources for your research?
There are a variety of places where you may find reliable information. One of these options is to go online. Make sure to look through academic journals like JSTOL and others. Similarly, Google Scholar can assist you in locating and obtaining web sources that are both relevant and reputable to your topic. Visiting local library is one of the best ways to obtain reliable sources for your research. In the library, you’ll find many reputable sources, including unpublished dissertations and theses, that you can use in your research. For more information on how to obtain reputable sources for a research paper, please contact us immediately.

Cultural Differences on Raising Children

Template for Article, Videos, and Chapter Analysis
Name :
Title of Article, Video, or Chapter: Cultural Differences on Raising Children
APA citation of Article, Video, or Book: Knox Bev (2018). Cultural Difference on Raising Children. Learning psychology while you sleep.
Kaiser Barbara & Rasminsky J. S, 2020. Valuing Diversity: Developing a Deeper Understanding of All Young Children’s Behavior
The first step to learn about children and their disabilities is to establish an evaluation and referral process. The teacher collects specific information concerning the progress and academic challenge of the child. The information can be gathered through meetings with the parent or the child. The teacher observes and analyzes the performance of the child. The evaluation and referral process helps the teacher to determine the next appropriate step to take.
After evaluating the child, the individualized education programs (IEP) will be developed. The program is developed to ensure the child with autism gets all the specialized instructions and related services. The plan comprises the specialized support and services the child will receive. The services include occupational and physical therapy, psychological services, audiology services, and speech-language pathology.
Development (Include at least one citation from the article, video, or book)
 What are the key points in this video?
The key points in this video include how different cultures raise their children. Children are raised differently in the whole world, depending on their cultures. The way a black American child is raised very different from the way a Caucasian child is raised. Similarly, the way a European child is raised is much different from how an African child is raised. The variation in how children are raised in different communities is mainly due to differences in culture. Children are taught to be true to their traditions and to be loyal to their heritage. Another key point is that child development is promoted by parental involvement.

 What did I find striking or interesting about these key points?
The most interesting thing about these points is how different cultures provided various raising systems to their children. For instance, Americans provide their children with their bedrooms and put them into care and protection of the daycare. Many British children are taken care of by the nannies, and the African children spend most of the time in the back of their parents (Knox, 2018). The African Children are allowed to nurse freely in the back of the parents with little face to face interaction but lots of body contact. Through parental involvement, child assists their children in all the cultures to discover their world.

 How relevant are the key points to my role as a teacher?
The key points in this video are very relevant to my role as a teacher since it points out how culture affects a child’s development. Teachers must understand their cultures and those of their students for them to see how family and culture influence the behavior of a child. Children bring with them to the classroom their culturally-based values, beliefs, expectations, abilities, and talents (Kaiser & Rasminsky, 2020). Therefore, it is very important for a teacher to understand the culture of the children they teach.

 What do I agree or disagree with in this article, video, or book?
I agree with the fact from this video that individuals should not assume that their culture is the only way to raise children. There are diverse cultures and ways in which children can be raised to become adults. There is no single way that is or should be considered to be the best way when it comes to child-raising.

 How has this video influenced me in thinking deeply about my values, beliefs, and assumptions?
This video has greatly influenced how I think about my culture. The video stated that no culture is better than the other when it comes to child-raising. The culture, values, and beliefs of every community are equally important; therefore, they should be upheld and respected.

 What strategies will you use to ensure the child is included in small group activities and is accepted and represented by the other children?
The best strategy to ensure children are included in small group activities what every child contributes to the class. The teacher should give the children equal opportunity to contribute something to the class irrespective of their color and culture.
 What new insights/discoveries have I made in relation to my role as an Early Education Teacher?
The new discovery made as an Early Education Teacher is that children in the classroom have different cultures, values, talents, and abilities. The teacher must properly understand their own cultures to understand how the children’s culture influences their behavior. The teacher must appreciate the contribution of the children in the classroom for them to feel accepted.

 How will I make use of this new knowledge in the future?
I will try to understand and learn about different cultures to ease the interaction with the children I am teaching. I will give children equal opportunity when it comes to class contribution despite their color and culture. Finally, I will encourage my children to embrace their culture, values, and beliefs.

 What further information or knowledge should I seek to expand my knowledge in relation to the contents of this video?
Further information I need to seek is how to involve parents during teaching practice. It has been stated clearly in the video that parental involvement promotes child development. Therefore, when teaching a child, their parents must be actively involved to promote their culture.

I think two things that greatly promote child development at a tender age are culture and interaction between the child and caregiver. To start with, culture determines how a child ought to behave and the language a child should speak. Through interaction with the culture, a child understands what is acceptable in the community and those that are not acceptable. Therefore, culture shapes the behavior of the child. The early exposure of children to the culture and environment impacts how the children describe themselves and how they relate with others. Culture helps in shaping the child’s identity and self-image. For instance, in North American and European nations, children describe themselves depending on their unique features. They may describe themselves depending on what they are good at (abilities). In African and Asian countries, children describe themselves depending on their social roles and relationships with others. Culture, therefore, is one of the factors that assist in child development.
Second, child development can also be influenced by the interaction with others. Children often tend to copy what they see others do. Through copying, children learn the culture and values of the community. Children mainly do interact with their parents. Through that interaction, children learn the language. The first thing a child utters is what they hear their parent says. Children also interact with their fellow at school. They interreact through playing. Most of their plays involve copying what they saw their parents or caregivers do. In their play, some children will pretend to be teachers as others pretend to be their students. In the play, some will pretend to be parents as other play the part of their children. Through these plays, children learn what they are expected of them in the community.

Research methodology chapter draft 2,000 words

“Research methodology chapter draft 2,000 words

The research carried out included the following;
* 9 semi-structured interviews with interview schedule (qualitative data analysis)
* Recorded and transcribed – pseudonyms used.
* Consent and ethics in line with data protection – confidential
* Thematic analysis carried out
Please include up-to-date references with regards to research methods showing research methods in psychology
* APA referencing.
* Third person passive style.

What this means is that I need a generic essay for Research Methods to show that 9 semi-structured interviews were carried out (DO NOT CHOOSE A TOPIC!) Just reference the academic methodology for carrying out qualitative research in this way and consider the ethical implications of consent and confidentially etc.. (and reference)

A thematic analysis was also carried out (as specified in original brief) so a paragraph or two referencing the research methods for thematic analysis and coding interview transcripts etc..

Essentially, I’m asking for a general research methods overview with references for the conducting of interviews, as with all research methods essays, it might include things like, reasons why it’s useful to carry out interviews (benefits) (referenced) and dangers of interviews (things to be aware of etc..)

Just a generic research methods essay for carrying out qualitative research and interview ethics, and doing a thematic analysis etc..

Methodology Chapter

Student’s Name

Methodology Chapter
The methodology of research shows how the researcher intends to carry out his/her research. A customer loyalty card is essential for the successful establishment of a company. It increases customer satisfaction, thereby increasing the likelihood of repeat business. The purpose of this study is to determine the importance of providing customers with customer loyalty cards in order to compete against stiff competition in the area. The majority of the data was gathered through structured interviews and the administration of questionnaires, among other methods. The enhancement of the customer loyalty card ensures that a customer will return to a particular company or shop. The purpose of this proposal is to determine whether implementing a customer loyalty card system will facilitate the attraction of more customers to a business. One of the parameters being tested is a naming contest in which the general public is invited to vote for their favorite name. Another perimeter will be a taste test, where customers will be able to sample various featured house drinks on the sidewalk outside the future storefront in conjunction with the signing up for a loyalty card. In addition to voting on their favorite drink, the public will have the opportunity to assist in the selection of what will become the house signature drink through their votes. These factors will be considered in conjunction with the possibility of implementing a customer loyalty program. The outcome of the study will determine whether or not the system can be implemented in coffee shops.
Customer satisfaction; customer loyalty; customer loyalty card are some of the terms used in this article.

Summary of the Report

The research is being carried out by Origami Coffee, which is a locally owned coffeehouse. Because there are several coffee shops in the area, Origami Coffee may face competition from these establishments. The strategy of Origami Coffee is to provide its customers with loyalty cards in order to attract them to the shop, thereby overcoming the stiff competition. When customers make purchases, a hole is punched in the customer loyalty work and the work is returned to the company. Certain discounts or offers are made available to customers who have certain holes punched in their loyalty cards. Clients are encouraged to return to the company several times in order to receive the offer as a result of this practice. The primary goal of this study is to determine whether providing customers with a loyalty card (punch or virtual) will assist them in attracting more business to their establishment in the future. Primary data will be collected through a structured interview and analyzed statistically in order to determine correlations between the variables under consideration.

Review of the Literature

A customer loyalty card is essential for the successful establishment of a company. It increases customer satisfaction, thereby increasing the likelihood of repeat business. Numerous studies have been conducted in order to determine the significance of providing customers with loyalty cards. According to Magi (2003), many grocery consumers have a primary store where they make the majority of their purchases. It indicates that customers have preferences based on their level of satisfaction. According to the findings of the study, implementing a customer loyalty card program in a new coffee shop would increase customer loyalty while also attracting more customers to the establishment. Customer loyalty and satisfaction can be increased by providing incentives for shopping, such as increasing customer shares or offering discounts.
One advantage of semi-structured interview is that it enhances two- way communication. The interviewer asks open ended questions giving the respondents opportunity to answer to the best of their knowledge. The interview appears interested in the conversation giving the respondents morale and encourages them to keep talking. Semi-structured interview does not restrict the interviewer in the type of questions to be asked. Similarly, it does not limit the interviewer on the format of asking questions. This kind of interview allow the researcher to dig deeper by asking relevant questions therefore obtaining more reliable information they need. similarly, SSI gives the respondent opportunity to open up about sensitive information and issues (Newcomer, Hatry, & Wholey, 2015). The interviewers, in turn, are provided with the opportunity to learn answers to questions they are asking and the reasons behind the answers. This is achieved by prompting interviewees to elaborate or to expand on their answers. Semi-structured interview provides reliable, qualitative information to compare to the future and previous information. Finally, interviewers are given the opportunity to prepare questions before the actual interview which assists in guiding the discussion and keeping interviewees on topic.
Even though semi-structured interview is a suitable way to explore deeper into a subject, this interview methodology type has some limitations. Semi-structured interviews are labor intensive, time consuming, and need interviewer complexity. Interviewers are required to be nimble, poised, sensitive, and smart, as well as conversant with the relevant subject. It is difficult and time consuming to prepare, set up, conduct, and analyze semi-structured interviews. It requires much effort to do all these processes right. The interview involves the laborious job of examining large volumes of notes and sometimes several transcription hours (McIntosh & Morse, 2015). Anther limitation of SSIs is that without immense lay out of personnel and time, these types of interviews are unlikely to include samples large enough to produce precision of minus or plus percent variety. This occurs in the interviews of the members of a large group. Subsequently, for many reasons, a regulated survey of 600 respondents would be advanced to trying 600 one-hour semi-structured interviews. For some other reasons, for focus groups containing ten respondents may be much easier and more effective than carrying out a forty respondent semi-structured interview. Therefore, the interview needs to interview considerable number of people in to draw conclusions and make comparison. Similarly, it is very difficult to find an interviewer with the needed training and understanding to conduct the interview. Through early preparation of the questions to be asked, the interview can be biased.
Recording and Transcription in Semi-Structured Interviews
Basically, the researcher has questions in a paper that he or she follows to guide the interview. Because this type of interview frequently comprises open-ended questions and discussions, the conversation may deviate from the guide of the interviewer. It is therefore recommended to tape-record these open-ended interviews and transcript them later for analysis. Even though sometimes the interviewers may try to jot nots to obtain the answers of the interviewee, it is challenging to concentrate on jotting notes and conducting interview at the same time (Galletta, 2013). This style will lead to poor notes and also diminish rapport development between the respondent and interviewer. Dialogue and rapport development is vital in semi-structured interviews. Therefore, tape recording will ensure smooth flow of the conversation.
Ethical Considerations in Semi-Structured Interviews
Semi-structured interviews allow for free interaction and communication between the interviewer and respondent, in which they are allowed to communicate and express their thoughts and feelings to a certain degree. The interviewer, therefore, to pay close attention to cultural dimensions and intercultural competence during interaction and communication (Johnson & Rowlands, 2012). The competence of interculture need individuals to identify and respect the variety of various cultural backgrounds. Individuals with considerable levels of intercultural know-how always respect the variation of individuals and different patterns of the culture. They always have self-evaluation and they always understand difference between individuals. They often make their assessments and conclusions based on the dependable evidence. The interviews must assess their attitudes, believes, values, and personal biases to enhance their understanding about other people’s cultures. They must understand that their personal biases and beliefs may affect the manner in which they address or ask questions, and consequently, impact the result of semi-structured interviews (Wilson, Onwuegbuzie, & Manning, 2016). The researchers must also recognize cultural dimensions. Improper recognition of cultural dimensions may result to unpleasant outcomes and miscommunication during the process of interview. Having a high degree of cultural dimensions can be portrayed as respecting individualistic, masculine, uncertainty aversion of cultures.
Furthermore, the interviewers must respect the confidentiality and privacy of the respondents. Interviewers can sometimes dig into respondent personal areas which they did not anticipate. There is a danger for the researcher to focus on the sensational phenomena to study. Furthermore, the interviewer should avoid asking questions concerning family relationships. Here, the interviewer threaten privacy when they investigate issues the interviewer prefers to keep secret (Wilson, Onwuegbuzie, & Manning, 2016). The interview also threaten confidentiality by revealing details of the couple that were secret. Besides, the interview should not bring out issues that are sensitive to the interviewee. This may bring emotional intense to both the interviewer and respondent.
The interviewees must be provided with the informed consent prior to the commencement of the interview. The issues of confidentiality and privacy must be clearly stated in the consent. It is necessary for the respondents to know and understand the confidentiality and privacy rules before agreeing to the interview (Knaust, 2012). In some cases, the interviewers provide a process or continuous consent in which the researcher reiterate consent in the entire process of the research. The consent is important as it assures the interviewee of the confidentiality and privacy of the interview.
Thematic analysis
The main reason for embracing thematic analysis is because it aims at validation to achieve an essential view of the analysis. The validation helps the interviewer with the sequence and details of how raw information could be applied (Clarke, V., & Braun, 2014). It is mainly employed if the information is gathered based on observation depend on the attitude, visions, and feeling of the respondent. Thematic analysis is particularly suitable if the when the objective of the investigator is to test the information to find general thoughts and themes from multiple participants. The researcher allocates a narrative to the various information to acquire a distinct understanding of the thoughts of participant to express their experience.
Furthermore, the theme should portray the bulk of the information to present data when Thematic analysis is employed. Put differently, a large amount of data is needed because, whereas one statement is important, it does not portray the exact story. This is correct when the objective of the researcher is to get understanding and find the correlation between different information obtained from various groups of participants. Therefore, the researcher is required to describe and provide a large amount of information. Thematic analysis offers detailed, complex, and rich information that is compatible with the image. According to Blacker (2009), a rich description of the whole data would the reader to get the meaning of the important and predominant themes.
In a nutshell, the methodology of a research shows the procedure in which the study will follow. One of the methods for data collection is through semi-structured interview. This is where the interviewer is not restricted to the format or the type of information to be asked. The researcher involves themselves in a complex two-way communication with the respondent to obtain the reliable information. While carrying out a semi-structured interview, the interviewer must consider all the ethical issues. They must consider all the cultural dominions and intercultural competences. Similarly, the confidentiality and privacy of the respondent must be put into consideration.

Blacker, R. 2009. A thematic analysis of psychodynamically-oriented supervision of observations in an acute inpatient ward. Published thesis. University of Leicester.
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Wilson, A. D., Onwuegbuzie, A. J., & Manning, L. P. (2016). Using Paired Depth Interviews to Collect Qualitative Data. Qualitative Report, 21(10).

Why I Am Getting A Master Of Social Work Degree

Students will be required to reflect introspectively as to why they are completing a Masters’s degree in Social Work. Within that self-reflection, each student will consider and reflect on the following:

How their life will change with an MSW
What their motivation was/is for obtaining an MSW
What boundaries are most important as a new Social Worker
Set goals for themselves once their degree has been obtained
Three (3) Pages of Content

APA Format, 7th Edition

**Make sure to review the rubric to see how this assignment will be graded. Please make sure to use proper grammar, sentence structure, etc**

Students will be required to look introspectively on why they are pursuing a Masters of Social Work degree. Each student will consider and reflect on the following throughout their self-reflection:

How an MSW will affect their livelihood
What was/is their motive for pursuing an MSW?
What are the most critical boundaries for a new Social Worker?
Set goals for themselves once they have earned their degree.
Three (3) Content Pages

7th Edition APA Format

**Review the rubric to determine how this assignment will be assessed. Please use good language, sentence structure, and so on**.

This is a discussion forum that is mandatory part of this course. essay

Read Instructions Carefully
This is a discussion forum that is mandatory part of this course. The idea is to create collaboration amongst your cohort and stimulate intellectual conversations. The instructions are as follows.
1. You are to make three (3) post each week.
2. Your initial post (first post) is due Tuesday of each week.
3. Your initial post MUST be at least 250 words and cited scholarly references
4. You must respond at least two (2) times in a week to your colleagues post. Your follow-up (Second & Third) must be at least (150 words and contain at least two scholarly references that are different from your initial (250 word) post.
5. All of your post CANNOT all be on the same day. Thus, you must post on at least (3) seperate days in a week.

Over the past twenty years technology has moved us into a place where information flows fast and freely. The internet in where we get our information and email is the new method in which we receive private and personal information that once was delivered by the postal services. With this being the case, privacy laws that didn’t exist a decade ago have been implemented and now infringe U.S. citizens in ways once never imaginable. The question the i propose, is whether the freedom of speech should extend to communications made via the internet? While the Constitution does not address the internet do to its advent decades later, should the 1st Amendment freedom of speech extend to internet communications?

Week 4 Discussion (Public Defenders and the Minority Population)
22 unread replies.22 replies.
Read Instructions Carefully
This is a discussion forum that is mandatory part of this course. The idea is to create collaboration amongst your cohort and stimulate intellectual conversations. The instructions are as follows.
1. You are to make three (3) post each week. (10 Points Each)
2. Your initial post (first post) is due Tuesday of each week.
3. Your initial post MUST be at least 250 words and cited scholarly references
4. You must respond at least two (2) times in a week to your colleagues post. Your follow-up (Second & Third) must be at least (150 words and contain at least two scholarly references that are different from your initial (250 word) post.
5. All of your post CANNOT all be on the same day. Thus, you must post on at least (3) separate days in a week.
Discussion Question
Some commentators have raised questions about the quality of legal representation provided to the poor. They also have suggested that racial minorities, who are more likely than whites to be poor, are particularly disadvantaged. Is this necessarily the case? Are racial minorities represented by public defenders or assigned counsel treated more harshly than those represented by private attorneys? If you were an African-American, Hispanic, or Native American defendant and could choose whether to be represented by a public defender or a private attorney, which would you choose? Why?

Week 4 Research Paper (Convicts & College) INSTRUCTIONS

Week 4 Research Paper (Convicts & College)
1. 2 Pages
2. APA Format
3. Minimum 4 Reference (In text citations required)

What is your position on allowing correctional inmates access to college courses while in prison? How about access to financial aid for college after the sentence is complete? Think of the cost of prison as about $30,000 a year and consider how education can lead to rehabilitation.
1. (Links to an external site.)
Why Invest in College in Prisons? (Links to an external site.)

You must cite your work in the text.


1. two pages

2. APA Style

3. A minimum of four references (Text citations are necessary.)


What is your stance on allowing correctional convicts to take college courses while incarcerated? How about access to financial aid for college after the sentence is complete? Consider the expense of incarceration, which is approximately $30,000 per year, and how education might lead to rehabilitation.

1. (Links to an external site.)


Why Invest in College in Prisons? (Links to an external site.)

You must cite your work in the text.


Policy Study 1: Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act by Feb 7, 2022.

Policy Study 2: Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act by Mar 4, 2022.

Research each policy and respond to the discussion questions below.

1. How has the health policy transformed health care delivery?

2. What are the positive and negative effects of the health care policy?

3. What recommendations do you have to enhance the policy in its current state?

Each Policy Study must be at least 1,000 words, cite at least 2 peer-reviewed journal articles in addition to the course textbook, and include biblical integration. Each Policy Study must be double-spaced, follow current APA format, and include a title page and a reference page. The word count does not include the title page and the reference page.


By February 7, 2022, Policy Study 1: Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act will be completed.

By March 4, 2022, Policy Study 2: Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act.

Investigate each policy and respond to the following discussion questions.

1. How has health policy influenced health-care delivery?

2. What are the health-care policy’s positive and negative consequences?

3. What suggestions do you have to improve the policy in its current form?

Each Policy Study must be at least 1,000 words long, involve biblical integration, and cite at least two peer-reviewed academic papers in addition to the course textbook. Each Policy Study must be double-spaced, in APA format, with a title page and a reference page. The number of words does not include the

Review this information to become acquainted with how an annotated bibliography is put together. essay

Baby and Toddler Milestones, Dr. Lisa Shulman

Review this information to become acquainted with how an annotated bibliography is put together.

How to prepare an annotated bibliography: The annotated bibliography. (n.d.). Cornell University Library.
Review this information on the differences between primary and secondary resources.

Primary and secondary sources. (n.d.). Ithaca College Library.

In the video titled, Baby and Toddler Milestones (located in the Readings and Resources section), Dr. Lisa Schulman provides samples of communication for children from 6 months to 2 years. She traces the growth of social engagement, attention to language and communication intent. For this discussion, explain how language (receptive and expressive) is a reflection of cognitive growth. Cite specific examples of the growing sophistication in the child’s interactions. For example, at what point does undifferentiated behavior become goal directed behavior? When does the child use purposeful gestures? When do words begin to replace those gestures?

Literacy Narrative, Final Draft essay

Read Chapter 1, “Inside Colleges and Universities,” and Chapter 2, “Writing Process and Reflection,” in An Insider’s Guide to Academic Writing. Expand and revise your focused freewrite from the first day of class, placing information from the text into conversation with your own experiences and opinions. After reading about the conventions and processes of academic writing, how do you think the writing you’ll do for this class will compare to the writing you’ve done in other contexts? How might the assignments, expectations, and processes for college-level reading and writing overlap with or differ from your previous experiences with reading and writing? Reference at least one specific characteristic of academic reading and writing discussed in An Insider’s Guide to Academic Writing, and relate it to your own experiences. For example, you might consider how the text challenges your assumptions about academic writing or adds to your knowledge of literacy. Reflect on your writing processes and consider how they align or conflict with what the book has to say.

Address the prompt
Write an essa’y of 400-500 words
Adhere to MLA formatting and citation style guidelines
Incorporate at least one quote from the assigned reading
Properly attribute sources with in-text documentation corresponding to a works cited page
You don’t have to worry about the freewrite thing. Just write about your experience with writing ,how you were and how you are now, even if it wasn’t real.

I have uploaded the two chapters. it is organized this way (chapter _ page)

Read Chapter 1 of An Insider’s Guide to Academic Writing, “Inside Colleges and Universities,” and Chapter 2 of An Insider’s Guide to Academic Writing, “Writing Process and Reflection.” Expand and revise your focused freewrite from the first day of class, integrating textual knowledge with your own experiences and ideas. After reading about the conventions and processes of academic writing, how do you think the writing you’ll do for this class will compare to the writing you’ve done in other contexts? How might the assignments, expectations, and processes for college-level reading and writing overlap with or differ from your previous experiences with reading and writing? Reference at least one specific characteristic of academic reading and writing discussed in An Insider’s Guide to Academic Writing, and relate it to your

CDEV 8essay

While it has always existed, bullying and cyberbullying has become a major problem in middle childhood and adolescence. I have included a great resource regarding this topic. Take a moment to look over some of the items on the website. After viewing the website, reading this week’s material, and reflecting on your own experiences, create a thread that addresses the harmful effects and possible solutions to bullying and cyberbullying.

Here are some prompts to get you started:

How was bullying dealt with when you were younger? How is it dealt with today?
Where do bullies fit in the system of popular and unpopular children?
What happens to bullies when they become older?
What advice should parents give their children who are victimized by a bully? Should a child be encouraged to defend himself/herself? When should he/she use adult resources? Is it always wrong to hit (such as in self-defense)? Are self-defense and retaliation different?


Bullying and cyberbullying have always existed, but they have become a big concern in middle childhood and adolescence. I’ve provided a fantastic resource on this subject. Take a peek around the website at some of the goods. Create a thread that tackles the damaging impacts of bullying and cyberbullying after watching the website, reading this week’s material, and reflecting on your own experiences.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

When you were younger, how did you deal with bullying? What is the current state of affairs?

Bullies, where do they fit into the system of popular and unpopular children?

What happens to bullies when they grow up?

What advice should parents give their children who are victimized by a bully


As a member of the computer club at your school, you are tasked with conducting research to share with your club members. Conduct research on cloud storage to sensitize the students in your club.
Your task is to obtain and summarize the information, prepare it for dissemination via e-mail, and state all sources in an appropriate bibliography.
1. Provide: Title and Cover pages

2. Provide a Table of Contents


1. Definition/explanation of what cloud storage is.

2. Difference between cloud and local storage.

3. A table showing five (5) examples of types of cloud storage options available to users and their cost.

4. Comparison of two types of cloud storage options.

5. Explain two (2) challenges associated with cloud storage.


● Utilize Footnotes/Endnotes (two to be used in total; either one of each, or two of one) 9. Utilize line ending hyphenation (at least twice)

● Provide a bibliography, using the APA format. You include at least THREE references, including references from a book, newspaper and Internet sources.

● Print screen or screen shot’ of a least two web pages used (Place on separate pages)

● In an email, attach the research paper and the web links used.

● ‘Print screen or screen shot’ the email page, showing:

i) The two attachments (the research document and the web links)

ii) Multiple recipients addressed inserted in the ‘To, Cc and Bcc’ sections.

Send To:

cc: and one other email address [no student doing EDPM Bcc: 2 other persons, not including students who are doing the EDPM at ESHS or any other school.

iii) Brief message in the body of the e-mail.

6. Once you have screenshot the email page, insert the screenshots at the end of your research document.

7. Email the document by Monday 17th January ,2022 for electronic marking.


● Use a simple cover page; No borders, elaborate font and font size.

● Use Times New Roman, size 12 for the body of text

● Use Times New Roman, Size 14 for all headings, you may use all caps or initial caps

● Use appropriate line spacing, TLS after heading and between paragraphs; DLS between the lines in a paragraph.

● Use appropriate images; Use footnotes or endnotes meaningfully.





As a member of your school’s computer club, you are responsible with conducting research to share with fellow club members. Conduct cloud storage research to educate your club’s members.

Your job is to gather and summarize material, prepare it for distribution by e-mail, and include all sources in an appropriate bibliography.



1. Include title and cover pages

2. Include a Table of Contents.


1. A definition/explanation of cloud storage.

2. Distinction between cloud and local storage.

3. A table with five (5) instances of each category